Best Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorants: EWG Rated Consumer Approved

Stinky pits? Discover the best non-toxic deodorants, aluminum and toxin-free. Rated safe by the Environmental Working Group and reviewed by humans like you. Another great resource from Blissful Miss.

A natural deodorant that actually works seems to be one of the most difficult to find among natural products, particularly if it's also aluminum-free. After some experimenting, die hard natural product users commonly settle on a brand they feel safe using, but doesn’t really deliver.

Well you don’t have to settle anymore. The Blissful Miss List of Best Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorants  provides you with brands that are not only safe for your health, but based on consumer reviews, actually keep body odor at bay.


It has long been known that aluminum, the active ingredient in many deodorants, is associated with Alzheimers and breast cancer (learn more at HowStuffWorks). However, because aluminum is actually a natural ingredient, many deodorants containing aluminum can truthfully claim to be natural.

Potassium Alum

There are many deodorants that claim to have no aluminum, however if you look at the ingredients you might find potassium alum listed. This is a variation of aluminum, and according to Dr. Mercola is not safe.

None of the deodorants on this list contain potassium alum.


Every Blissful Miss Best List begins with products rated by The Environmental Working Group. EWG is a respected organization that analyzes products and rates them according to how safe they are to your health. Each ingredient receives a rating of its own, along with a list of health complications the ingredient may be associated with. Ingredient ratings are combined to create an overall rating for the product, with 1 being the safest and 10 the most toxic. All of the deodorants on this list are EWG rated 1.

A search on EWG for a specific type of product usually yields hundreds of results, many of which you’ve never even heard of. This makes it daunting to research each product and figure out where to buy it. And once you choose one, you may have no way of knowing how well the product actually works, or how it compares to the others.

Amazon Reviews

Blissful Miss takes the top ranked items by EWG and narrows them down first by products that are sold on Amazon. The list is refined further to only those that have high ratings and stellar reviews by Amazon customers. This creates a list that you can trust is not only safe for your health, but has a good chance of working well for you based on the success many others have had with the product.

The Difference Between Deodorants and Antiperspirants

A deodorant works to fight body odor, while an antiperspirant fights sweat. The products here are all deodorants, though some reviewers claim they also keep them dry.


The safety of products suggested by Blissful Miss is based on the Environmental Working Group rating system. This is not to say that every ingredient in and of itself is considered completely safe, but combined with several other safe ingredients receives a good rating by EWG. If you want to ensure every ingredient is up to your personal standards you are encouraged to read ingredient lists and do further research as you see fit.

The Blissful Miss List of Best Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorants

EWG - 1

  • Fresh breath and body all-natural freshening tablets
  • All natural freshening tablets reduce body odor from head-to-toe
  • Works from the inside, out, continuously freshening breath, body and foot odors

Product Description

BodyMint, fight everyday bad breath, body and foot odor with the green goodness of Body Mint tablets from the inside out.

Amazon Review Quotes

I've been using Body Mint for almost two years, and it's an amazing product. Because it deodorizes from the inside, it effectively neutralizes underarm, foot, breath and other odors.
I tried Body Mint. After 3-days I noticed my perspsiration has greatly reduced (not something the product claims to do), is odor-free, and I can smell my perfume. I love this stuff and have made Body Mint a part of my daily regimen.
I am no longer self conscious about my breath! As a person who suffers from chronic sinus infections, I was always worried about how my breath smelled . . . Since I started using Body Mint I am confident that my breath is always minty fresh!!! I can even kiss my husband in the morning (prior to brushing my teeth) without worrying about him looking as if he wants to pass out due to my dreadful morning breath.

EWG - 1

  • We use anti-bacterial essential oils that help with deodorizing and with hormone balancing
  • Keep your lymph nodes healthy and let your pits breathe and release those toxins!
  • Our product will keep you smelling fresh all day no need to reapply!
  • It is made up of baking soda, corn starch, vegetable glycerin and essential oils
  • One jar lasts about 3 months

Product Description

Purelygreat is a cream deodorant made up of 3 simple ingredients, each one you can actually pronounce! Applied like a cream with your fingers, from the minute you open the jar and smell it you'll experience the pleasant difference between this gentle all natural deodorant and the harsh commercial brand products.


After being disappointed by all the aluminum-free deodorants I tried, I was very skeptical, but wanted to give it a try. This deodorant works even better than my aluminum one. It lasts more than 24 hours.
Stunned. I've never written a review before, but I was so awed by this deodorant I had to. I have tried about a gazillion natural deodorants, which never worked very well. This simple stuff is wondrous; I can go the next day without even re-applying. Unheard of.
This is an excellent choice for personal care product. Easy to use, with long lasting protection and the lavender smell delicious.

EWG - 1

  • Safely and naturally eliminates underarm body odor
  • Contains no aluminum
  • Can be used on sensitive skin areas immediately after shaving with no stinging or other discomfort
  • Made from pure organic ingredients
  • Handcrafted in small batches in Oregon's Willamette Valley


An all natural cream deodorant with a light citrus scent that eliminates underarm odor and contains no aluminum.

Amazon Review Quotes

Awesome deodorant! I'm giving it 5 stars simply because it keeps me completely fresh all day without the the itchy burn that I get from conventional deodorants. I'm not your average "natural product" guy so I was a little skeptical. After the first few days of wearing it I was hooked. I'm never going back to those uncomfortable sticks!
I bought this for myself and my 12 year old daughter as I don't want either of us using the deodorants with aluminum in and I've been testing out a variety of brands. I used it a couple of times before my daughter claimed it as her own, and liked it... you scoop a pea sized amount out and rub it under your armpit (the scoop comes with the deodorant). It rubs in very quickly and has a mild citrus scent.
I was somewhat skeptical when I traded my usual extra-strength antiperspirant for this natural deodorant, but I was pleasantly surprised! It really does a great job at absorbing odors and wetness, and can be applied immediately after shaving without any irritation.

EWG - 1

  • Organic Pure Lavender Essential Oil eliminates odor without clogging your pores
  • Organic Pure Apricot Oil keeps your skin dry and residue-free
  • Lavendar and rosemary essential oils give you a fresh, clean scent
  • Naturally sourced and organic ingredients mean your skin won’t react to the chemicals, artificial fragrances or additives hidden in many mainstream body care product

product description

Free of aluminum and created with the most sensitive skin in mind, this quick drying formula will outlast even the muggiest, sweat-inducing activity. Pure essential oils provide a long-lasting, clean scent, while organic aloe and kosher vegetable glycerin keep your skin dry, healthy and free from allergic reactions.

amazon review quotes

This is truly the best natural deodorant, It actually works and I've been using it for years. In the beginning I did have to re-apply once or twice during the day but once my body adjusted to it only need it once in the morning like a traditional deodorant.
After several years, I've finally found the Holy Grail of natural deodorants.
This is the first natural deodorant I have ever tried that actually keeps me odor free, and I have tried a ton! It seems to help with wetness, too. Love it. Will be ordering more.
My Functional Medicine Doctor told me about Real Purity Deodorant and swore that's THE only natural deodorant she was able to find, that actually works. I decided to try it and purchased the first one. After two days of using it, went back and purchased another 2 so my family can convert from the "other" mostly toxic products. I absolutely love the scent and the power of keeping me fresh all day long.

EWG - 1

  • Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone is made from crystallized natural mineral salts which kill odor causing bacteria
  • Does Not Contain Aluminum, Harmful Chemicals, Oils, Perfumes Or Emulsifiers


Same fine deodorant stone but our special diamond core cutter now permits us to shape our stone into a convenient and conventional deodorant stick. Lasts over 1 year. Ingredients Mineral Salts Directions Simply wet the crystal stone and generously apply to underarm area. Dries immediately. Also works great for foot odor.

 Amazon review quotes

I always worried about aluminum absorption but never heard good things about "hippie" deodorant products (and people I knew who used things like Tom's always had the worst BO). I tried several brands of salt deodorant products in the last year and have settled on this - it's the best!

This natural deodorant is more effective than any chemical laiden product on the drug store shelves. It costs slightly more to buy, but it will last you over a YEAR! And, those yellow stains on your white shirts that you attribute to perspiration...? Guess what, they aren't from perspiration... they are from the aluminum and other harmful metals and chemicals in traditional deodorants. This product makes the entire deodorant/antipirspirant industry obsolete and a health harming scam.

I think that this product is great. I really didn't think that it would work but it does. The trick is to put it all over the under arm not just where the hair grows. You need to go lower down the side and higher up the arm. Form a large circle and wet it twice if you need to. My friend was disappointed with hers until I made these suggestions then she was quite amazed and it doesn't stain as far as I know. So put it on liberally and don't worry it's only salt. I did a test and mine lasted two and three days most of the time.

EWG - 1

  • Contains essential oil blends for aroma therapeutic benefits
  • Contains no aluminum salts, no propylene glycol, no zinc salts, no synthetic fragrances
  • Paraben free, polysorbate free, disodium EDTA free, vegan, GMO free, gluten free
  • Certified organic

product description

All day fresh. EO certified organic deodorant spray leaves you smelling fresh, cool and clean. effective deodorant spray invigorates and freshens as it neutralizes and eliminates the sources of unpleasant body odor. Made with pure essential oils and organic alcohol, it is blended with pure, organic essential oils and organic alcohol for a clean, fresh, cool feeling. Simple and effective, apply as often as needed for healthy protection.

Amazon Review quotes

It's been two days since I first used this deodorant, and I'm just so amazed that something so simple can work so effectively - I've been dry and fresh all day after using this!
I have been trying to find a safe alternative that actually prevents me from smelling like a swine. This stuff does the trick. It really works great. I have to buy more because my wife tried it and now she is hooked. Finally, an organic deodorant that works.
It's an odd thing to say about a deodorant, but I am absolutely in love with this product! Previously I've tried Kiss my Face Stick, Kiss My Face Roll-on, Toms of Maine, and Nature's Gate. None of them worked well, in fact, I'm convinced I smelled worse than when I used nothing at all. I don't normally like spray deodorants so in my continuing search for an aluminum free deodorant I almost passed this one over, but I'm so glad I didn't. It works incredibly well, definitely comparable to the Dove deodorant I was using before my switch to natural. I do have to use it more than once a day unlike a deodorant with aluminum, but it's definitely worth it to me. I'll put it on in the morning and it gets me through the day, but I have to reapply if I'm going somewhere in the evening or doing active work. Another great thing about this deodorant is that it completely gets rid of smells after the fact. I can work out, spray this right on and smell completely fresh. If, like me, you've tried other natural deodorants with little luck I can't recommend this one enough.

EWG - 1

  • Unisex, alcohol and aluminum-free deodorant 
  • Naturally odor neutralizing
  • Clear stick formula will not stain clothes or leave residue
  • Suited for all skin types, especially sensitive skin
  • Free of parabens, silicones, synthetic dyes, waxes, harsh detergents, dyes, synthetic perfumes

product description

Refreshing and effective, Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant is appropriate for both men and women. The alcohol and aluminum-free formula is synthesized with natural eucalyptus extract and odor-neutralizing citronellyl for 24-hour effectiveness without clogging pores. Blended to absorb without residue, staining or irritation, Eucalyptus Deodorant applies to skin clear, eliminating wait-time for dressing and other daily activities.

amazon review quotes

I'm pretty active and find this keeps me smelling good all day. plus it doesn't have any aluminum that stains shirts and has been linked to cancer. I'm a fan for life.
I have developed a sensitivity to most drug store deodorants and have found that many natural products don't hold up to promised results. I read about Malin & Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant in a women's magazine and decided to give it a try after researching many online reviews. I am pleased to report that not only does it not irritate my skin, it actually stood the ultimate test of odor protection during a recent summer month move. I am sold on this product!
I love this stuff - I never sweat through the pits with it and it smells great. Do yourself a favor and try it.
GREAT deodorant without staining your clothes, especially t-shirts! It takes about 2-3 days for your body to adjust but it does and when it does, it is great. I'll never use "regular" deodorant with aluminum again.

EWG - 1

  • Dr. Mist provides exceptional protection in a healthy innovative mist
  • Kills bacteria on the surface of the skin
  • 100% effective for underarm protection, foot odor, athlete's foot
  • Get rid of body odor with Dr Mist

product description

Dr Mist, winner of several international global awards for invention, new technique and product excellence including the GENEVA Award in the medical category. Dr. Mist provides exceptional protection in a healthy innovative mist which will kill bacteria on the surface of the skin and is 100%effective for underarm protection, foot odor, athlete's foot as well as taking the sting out of insect and mosquito bites. It works on eczema and acne with visible results in 24 hours if applied twice daily and accelerates healing in open wounds. Patients who are bed ridden can greatly benefit, especially if they cannot bathe because Dr. mist will kill body odor for up to 3 days, even if a shower is not possible. Sufferers of extreme body odor, also referred to as Bromhidrosis will rejoice with this product. Dr. Mist body hygiene floatation spray uses a revolutionary award winning floatation technology to thoroughly remove body odor and eliminate bacteria, while dispersing darkening pigmentation caused by germs and sweat for a cleaner, whitening effect. Dr. mist will also soothe skin irritation.

amazon review quotes

After a loved one suffered with Altzheimers, I threw out the aluminum pots, and went on a search for an aluminum-free deodorant, which is how I discovered Dr Mist . . . We've been using it for four or five years now, and couldn't be more satisfied.
 I am a person with extremely sensitive skin. I cannot use regular over-the-counter products which claim to be "made for sensitive skin," such as Dove or Mitchum or even Neutrogena products . . . I've used Dr. Mist for over ten days, on both freshly shaved underarms and not. I've had NO reaction to it. Not so much as a tickle or a bump! And, it's SO nice not to have to worry about body odor! Wow.
Just tried this today. Put it on this morning. It was 84 degrees, humid. Put in a full day's work and then went running for 30 minutes and really worked up a body sweat. After cooling off, I sniffed my armpits (gross, I know, but I HAD to test!).....NO SMELL!!!! Unbelievable! I can't wait to tell my daughter about this product. She has super sensitive skin.

EWG - 1

  • Contains pure tea tree and lavender oils
  • Gentle, effective and long-lasting formula
  • Controls odor all day long without aluminum or other harsh chemicals
  • Will not irritate sensitive skin

product description

We use pure tea tree and lavender oils in this gentle, effective and long-lasting formula to control odor all day long without aluminum or other harsh chemicals. Vegan & Gluten-free

amazon review quotes

Have tried Toms, Desert Essence, Alba, Crystal, Nature's Gate, and more. This Liken extract from Earth Science is the most effective, most neutral, longest lasting deodorant I have ever used in my life. I live in Arizona so I need super power armpit management. Doesn't mark clothing, doesn't cause shirt pits to yellow. I'm fearless with my designer clothing with this stuff. Best deodorant ever!
I have tried several brands of natural deoderant. None of them worked - they all wore out within a couple of hours, none of them hid the smell of body oder, and they all left my armpits red and irritated. Plain and simple - this product is a miracle. It gets rid of the oder producing bacteria, it doesn't stain your clothing (no white marks), and it doesn't leave your armpits red and irritated. You will be jumping for joy once you try this item...I am!
 As far as natural deodorants go this is by far the best  . . . This lasts all day and seems to even help with perspiration more than any other natural deodorants do.

Also, check out the unscented version of Earth Science Natural Deodorant.

EWG - 1

  • Goes on clear
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Unscented

Product description

Uniquely formulated with mineral rich white clay and baking soda. This proven safe, effective natural deodorant absorbs excess perspiration, oils and odors to give all day, all the time protection.

amazon review quotes

Over the years I have tried dozens of natural deodorants and this is the first I've found to be comparably effective as brands containing aluminum zirconium. Too bad it's so hard to find - I was glad to find it here on Amazon, not all health stores carry it.
I've tried many other aluminum free deodorants and none have come close to actually working for 8-12 hours. I kept using Dove powder fresh but with considerable misgivings that I was putting aluminum on my skin. Finally a friend recommended this and I've been so very pleased with this product! It keeps my underarms dry.
This deodorant is AWESOME!! Having tried several other ALUMINUM FREE brands -- this one takes the prize! . . . it lasts all day – something which was difficult to achieve with the other brands. In addition -- I have had this several months, and I still haven't run out – GREAT PRODUCT - GREAT PRICE!! But most importantly ALUMINUM FREE!!!!

EWG - 1

  • Made with mineral salts
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Unscented
  • No aluminum chlorhydrates, solvents, parabens, propyls or alcohol

product description

Eliminate body odor with Thai Crystal Deodorant Roll-On from Deodorant Stones of America. This liquid formula is made from mineral salts and protects you for 24 hours. This 100% pure and natural deodorant is good for you and our environment. It's made with natural mineral salts, filtered water and a natural thickening agent. It dries quickly and does not leave any sticky film on the surface of your skin. It goes on clean and clear, with no white residue and won't stain your clothing. This product does not mask body odor like other deodorants. This product neutralizes odor. 


Best deodorant I have tried so far. Everythig I read from other users is true, it really works and does what it states it will.
I would highly recommend this product for women going through hormonal changes in their life. Where others have failed, this product really delivered.
Ok, I'm embarrassed to say this, but ever since my hormones started changing I started smelling like a man who came out of a gym even when I was not being active. I hated it so much, I couldn't stand myself. So, after purchasing this, right after I shower I apply this and put on a beautiful perfume/spray and that's it... There's no smell of anything even after I exercise and stress like crazy for days. Thank God for this.

EWG - 1

  • One application lasts all day - simple, hard working ingredients that actually work
  • Does not containt aluminum, gluten, GMO's, parabens, or artificial fragrances
  • Unisex formula perfect for men and women
  • Subtle, natural scent won't interfere with perfume or cologne
  • Be natural and actually smell fabulous!


Florere Cream Deodorant is a unique patented deodorant formula with ingredients unlike any other deodorant on the market. Use like a cream - smooth on a thin layer to the entire underarm area. Allow the deodorant to absorb into the skin, than about your day, stink-free. Florere is not an anti-perspirant, it is a naturally effective deodorant. REMEMBER TO USE VERY SPARINGLY -- a little bit goes a long way. Enjoy!


This is the ONLY deodorant that works well for me (all day)--great that it doesn't have aluminum. Use a small amount (pea size) otherwise it can transfer to clothes but does wash out--unlike the conventional deodorant that leaves permanent yellow stains. Wish I had found this years ago. I'll be a life-long customer.
Most natural deodorants last about 4 hours for me, but this one lasts at least 24 hours. I am very happy with the strength of this and the smell is pleasant.
Honestly, after other aluminium free deodorants being woefully ineffective, I didn't really think this would be helpful, but it has surprised me. The formula softens your underarms and the strong botanical scent of predominantly lavender makes you smell really fresh for a long time.

Ewg Is Doctor Recommended

Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola both recommend The Environmental Working Group as a resource for finding safe products. So discover your bliss with all new safe and natural skin care products, live well, and be fabulous!  

Written by Jenna Dawn
© Blissful Miss


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