12 Best Natural Body Washes: EWG Rated & Human Reviewed

Stop it! Stop slathering cancer causing Body Soaps onto your skin when this perfectly Easy-Peasy Product Guide will have you sudsing up with a Non-Toxic Body Wash you’ll love. You’ll be all, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” I don’t know. Why didn’t you?

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  1. You have finicky skin that won't tolerate all the chemicals in mainstream products. (And if this is you, you are TOTALLY in luck. I'm so excited for you!)
  2. You have been educated enough to know that what you put on your skin leaches into your body, which can greatly affect your organs, hormones and overall health. And you up and decided you just weren't going to put up with that freakin' fear of cancer for one more minute. (This makes you very smart.)
  3. You've spent way too much time doing your own research and way too much money on products that did not deliver ... and you figured there MUST be a better way.

Well you would be right. There IS a better way and you have just found it. You have managed to stumble across the Blissful Miss gift to humanity ... an easy-peasy reference guide to the most stellar body washes in all the land.

How This List Was Created

This product guide was created with a little help from The Environmental Working Group, and all of my friends (and yours) at Amazon who tested out these products and took the time to tell us how bomb they are.


All of the Blissful Miss Best Lists are made up of products that are rated safe by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a well known organization that rates products according to their ingredients. They'll even tell you what specific negative health effects are caused by a particular ingredient. A rating of 1 is the safest, least toxic, with a 10 being the most harmful.

Amazon Reviews

The list is then narrowed down by those products that are sold on Amazon, and then narrowed down further by those that have high ratings from Amazon customers. It must have a rating 4 or more stars to make the cut.

So when you choose an item from a Blissful Miss Best list, you are getting a product that is both rated safe by EWG and raved about by consumers who thought they were so great, they had to tell the world. Sweet!


The safety of products suggested by Blissful Miss is based on the Environmental Working Group rating system. This is not to say that every ingredient in and of itself is considered completely safe, but combined with several other safe ingredients receives a good rating by EWG. If you want to ensure every ingredient is up to your personal standards you are encouraged to read ingredient lists and do further research as you see fit.

The Blissful Miss List of Best Natural Body Washes

EWG Rating - 1

EWG - 1

  • If you want super soft supple-y-ness before you even reach for lotion, then you'll want to give this uber moisturizing body wash a try. 
  • CoQ10 and Argan Stem Cells go deep into your skin to replenish lost moisture and elasticity. Sweet! (And if it's going THAT deep, you really don't want the chemicals that DON'T come with this natural product. Right?!)

Amazon Review Quotes

I have never had a body wash that I could truly notice a difference in the softness of my skin after use without even using lotion. I love it, it truly is as it says Ultra Hydrating! Also the ingredients are great, all natural.

I have very sensitive and dry skin, especially in the summer because it is so hot. Well this product goes on like silk it doesn't have a smell and cleans so well without feeling like your skin is getting stripped of it natural oils.

I really like this body wash, because it's natural, and gentle . . . it works great for my daughter who has eczema, it didn't cause her skin any irritations, it works great for me too!

EWG - 1

  • Another awesome natural product for Sensitive Skin
  • Get all sparkly clean while softening and moisturizing with naturally healing Aloe Vera
  • Soothe your skin and senses with Chamomile and Echinacea. Ahhhh! Makes me want to light a candle and fill up a bath tub right now.

Amazon Review Quotes

I've used this for years, and then switched, and had to switch back. This makes your skin sooo soft! Nothing compares.

This Jason product is superb, particularly for sensitive skin. It feels wonderful and does not dry or irritate in the least.

Good for asthmatics! Fair price - I am a repeat user - if you have allergy or Asthma issues I recommend this.

Leaves you clean and fragrance free. Absolutely no problem here, for a person with really serious chemical sensitivity problems. Couldn't live without it.

Not only is it fragrance free, it is also moisturizing, a must for Colorado's dry climate.

EWG - 1

  • Get a "spa experience" with this yummy smelling, skin softening, luxurious body wash.
  • It's actually award winning, too ... per Natural Solutions Magazine's "Beauty with a Conscience Awards".
  • The all natural "Olivander" scent is made up of Mandarin Orange Oil and the Essential Oils of Lavender and Chamomile.
  • A reviewer says the container is pretty sleek as well. It comes with both a pump for easy dispensing, and a second cap that seals tight, making it ideal for travel or long term storage.

Amazon Review Quotes

This soap is great for those with allergies or sensitive skin that don't want to expose their body to nasty, harsh chemicals. After using this product a lot of my skin problems (rashes, bumps, etc) went away. It's sulfate and gluten free, which is also a big plus. It does a nice job of providing a cleansed feeling without drying out your skin.

It smells great and lathers up by using a small amount. It gives peace of mind knowing I am doing something to help preserve my skin from harsh products.

I have fallen in love with this body wash. A little goes a very long way and it definitely makes my skin feel soft after using it.


EWG - 1

  • Especially made for men, Burt's Bees has come through with a winner that the guys love.
  • Wake up before your first sip of coffee with the energizing aroma of Citrus Oils, Cyprus and Fir, a perfect blend of "man scents", I'd say. Mmmm ...  
  • Coconut and Sunflower Oils provide a natural cleanse that seriously moisturizes for super soft, touchable skin (see last review quote!).
  • Lathers up for a fresh and clean feel all freakin day long (well, unless you're playing in dirt or whatever). 

Amazon Review Quotes

I love this stuff. It smells good without being perfumey, and it washes off anything, even yesterday's spray antiperspirant, but rinses completely clean.

The smell alone is amazing for this wash. I love Burt's Bee products and this is yet another amazing one. This wash has been amazing on my skin.

I have sensitive skin and have searched for years to find a good body wash. This is the best thing going. I even had someone who was rubbing my arm ask what I was using because they though I had the softest skin they had ever felt.

EWG Rating - 2

EWG - 2

  • People flat out LOVE this body wash.
  • Many folks with Sensitive Skin have found great success with Puracy.
  • Reviewers can't go on enough about the amazing scent, which one describes as "a blend of citrus with a hint of ocean and just very refreshing".
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt naturally exfoliates, hydrates, and balances your skin.
  • Gives a great Lather ... unlike some natural products.
  • More cost effective than you might think because you only need a little.
  • Comes in a large 16 oz bottle, so lasts a long time. 
  • Folks dig the easy to dispense pump. 
  • The link here is for two bottles, which is both cost effective and gives you plenty of time to reorder when the first bottle is empty.

Amazon Review Quotes

I've been trying to find a body wash that wouldn't leave me itchy like the commercial body washes I tried and I tried a lot ... I had looked at Puracy before but didn't think a combination of citrus and sea salt would work for my dry, sensitive skin but ... It was the best decision I've ever made. From the very first time I used it - no itchiness and no need to use lotion after I dry off. I am one happy camper ... For those who have very sensitive, dry, itchy skin like me, I very highly recommend Puracy 100% Natural Body Wash.

I have extremely sensitive skin and can not use any type of soap or body wash...until now! This is the first product to not cause a skin reaction (rash) which is simply amazing. It is not only non reactive (for me) but it is also moisturizing. There is a subtle scent, a nice lather, and it leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated. Since using this I no longer need moisturizer right after a shower. 

I have fallen in love! I am using this as my hand soap, body wash and face wash! The fresh natural scent is amazing and without harsh ingredients it has been wonderful to my skin. I am prone to eczema ... I am so glad I experimented with this body wash. No drying out and skin feels great and clean. Very very happy.

EWG - 2

  • Shea Butter and Olive Oil make for that soft & supple-y thing we all love
  • Green Tea boasts some serious Anti-Aging and Antioxidant skills.
  • Staying Youthful is about more than the creams and potions you put on your face. Lather up with this body wash every day for a head to toe "boost to your youth"! 

Amazon Review Quotes

Exactly what it says -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this body wash smells. It leaves you feeling soft and clean, too.

This stuff is fantastic. I have been using it for years now . . . is very moisturizing and a little goes a very long way. I bought several bottles for Christmas gifts and all who received a bottle love it also. I will never go back to the drug store for body wash.

Makes skin smooth. Great smell! Only need a little to get job done. Great for acne and natural product goers. I have dry and oily skin and occasional breakouts. I look and feel better with this soap. I use in hair sometimes too. You will like it too!

EWG - 2

  • Get your skin cells all stimulated with Acure Cell Stimulating Body Wash.
  • Unleash your radiantly glow-y-ness as your skin is fed and restored, smoothed and softened with the goodness of Moroccan Argan stem cells, organic Argan Oil, coq10, Sea buckthorn Oil, and Pumpkin Seed Oil.

Amazon Review Quotes

I love this product . . . lathers nicely and smells great (almond), plus it doesn't seem to leave a film on my body.

It lathers nicely, washes completely, gives you and your body a whole serine, soothing, calming experience. Leaving skin soft and smelling nice totally. Doesn't dry skin out, in fact conditions it I'd say.

This is a pure product, well made and has no odor. And leaves no odor. You can even wash your hair with it.

EWG - 2

  • Tea Tree Oil is the bomb when it comes to naturally battling anything bacterial or fungal
  • For both face and body, this product is great for acne, athletes foot, urinary tract infections, mysteriously itchy skin issues and way more.  
  • Vitamin E and Herbal Extracts bring on the healing and soothing effects

Amazon Review Quotes

I've been using this product for the past 5 years. It's simply amazing. It's great for acne, itchy skin and more. Tea tree is a natural anti-fungal, so it's wonderful for any skin funguses, feminine itchiness and more. I have combination skin and don't find this product over-drying

My skin is susceptible to infection due to a rare skin disorder. I use this with green tea body wash to get a good cleansing. It is not drying and has a pleasant fragrance-not overpowering. I consider this a must-have in the shower.

The product works great on your face or body as an antibacterial, antifungal wash. The smell is a refreshing smell similar to eucalyptus tree. You get that icy/hot minty/menthol feeling. This is a great wash especially for athletes or people who sweat a lot and have the risk of getting fungal infects due to the warm moister on skin and clothes. I apply this to my whole body after a good boxing workout and feel very clean and refreshed.

EWG - 2

  • Nourish and soothe your skin with Seaweed, Kukui and Neem Oils
  • Moisturize with pure Kukui Oil, a totally killer moisturizer that helps soothe dry, flaking and scaling skin.
  • Pure Neem Oil, rich in emollients, helps to protect and moisturize dry, cracked skin.
  • So, basically, this is "the bomb" for super dry skin, though made for all skin types.
  • Great for Sensitive Skin, it can help with Eczema and other finicky skin issues too. 


These are the only three scents rated by EWG. Click on any link to see more info on Amazon.

  1. Eucalyptus and Peppermint
  2. Lavender
  3. Unscented

Amazon Review Quotes

Leaves my skin hydrated and healthy and has a lovely, invigorating, minty fragrance. I love it!! Works wonders for my dry skin but a great product for all skin types.

I have sensitive skin, and have so far found this soap to be non-drying and gentle on every part of my body, including my face and private areas.

I found this body wash pleasantly scented, effective and moisturizing. I could not believe it was an all natural product. I strongly recommend the product.

I have slight eczema on one part of my arm . . .  that dryness is essentially almost completely gone! . . . It's quite amazing.

EWG - 2

NOTE: The link to this product is for 12 bars of soap, hence the higher-than-you-might-expect price. This is where the many, many stellar reviews are and offers a super great value. However, a single bar can also be purchased here.

  • For both Face & Body
  • Made with the superhero moisturizing power of Olive Oil, more than one reviewer said you can skip the lotion after you bathe with this stuff
  • The label actually says "Made with 100% Virgin Olive Oil". I had to read the ingredient list to fully comprehend this statement. 
  • INGREDIENTS: Sodium Olivate (Saponified Virgin Olive Oil), Aqua (Purified Water), Glycerin (from Virgin Olive Oil), Parfum (Fragrance) So ... basically, yeah, this soap is pretty much Olive Oil formed into a little soap bar. And because I've actually washed my face with olive oil (and coconut oil and grapeseed oil) I know the oddness of cleansing with an oil. It's weird and pretty amazing at the same time. 
  • This soap also contains Anti-Aging benefits because that's another known virtue of Olive Oil

Amazon Review Quotes

Purchased this as a pack of 12 for $25.99 & this price makes the soap worth the money. It has a faint pleasant scent & does leave skin softer than most soaps ... Appears to have fewer allergy aggravating ingredients than most. After bathing you can skip moisturizers.

If you want a cute, pink, flowery perfumed soap this is not for you. If you want an ugly green soap with gentle sudsing that is clean rinsing and doesn't leave your skin dry, itchy, or feeling like it has been shrunk in the wash, this is your soap. I highly recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin or that has a contact allergy to many soaps like I do. It is the first soap I've ever used that didn't cause my face to break out with at least one big pimple after every wash and I'm 64!

When I found out that regular soaps were made out of animal's fat (read ewww), I decided to try this Olivella soap, which is all natural and made out just of olive oil. I can tell you that my skin is much better now, and I'm hearing that this product has also anti-aging properties.. wowwww !!!! ... Oh yeah one more thing.. these bars of soap last forever

EWG - 2

  • For Eczema sufferers, this stuff is the Bomb.com!
  • For both Face & Body
  • Marketed for Kids, but perfectly acceptable for big people (I won't tell!)
  • Gently cleanses irritated and cracked skin
  • Moisturizing formula reduces itching and yucky flaking
  • Ph balanced
  • Pediatrician, dermatologist and allergy tested. Nice!

Amazon Review Quotes

My son has horrible eczema and just recently started getting white patches on his face when the weather changed. This face wash has cleared it up and he doesn't complain about it getting in his eyes and hurting

I have dry adult skin. I tried this as a last gasp, and it worked perfectly. Lathers well, cleans well, no scent, and is easy on my eczema. Good ingredients. 

My daughter has always had sensitive skin and has eczema break outs frequently ... this wash is amazing! Cleared up her eczema spots within a few washes

Can't say enough good things about this body wash! My daughter has bouts of pretty sever eczema outbreaks, and this stuff helps clear is up amazingly! We love it!!! So happy we found it!

EWG - 2

  • Formulated by expectant mothers who wanted to ensure a chemical free environment for themselves and their little one.
  • Belli follows a unique safety screening process to avoid ingredients with known links to birth defects, miscarriages, and harmful effects while breastfeeding.
  • Antioxidant-rich cucumber, green tea extract and lavender essential oil make for a relaxing aromatherapy experience. Ahhh!
  • Lathers nicely and a little goes a long way.

Amazon Review Quotes

I have found, however, that a lot of times you lose the lather when you lose the chemicals, but not with this wash! It lathers up nicely, which I love! I have learned that a little goes a long way. So although it is a small bottle, it can last quite awhile if you use it sparingly. It also has a pleasant, mild smell (more in the lavender family).

I love it! It leaves my skin feeling soft, clean, and hydrated. I really like the lavender scent, too - it's subtle yet refreshing. The body wash lathers up really well on a loofah - you only need a little bit each time you use it ... super gentle on my sensitive skin!

Very nice body wash, pleasant yet very light scent, cleans well, and is safe during pregnancy.

EWG Is Doctor Recommended

Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola both recommend The Environmental Working Group as a resource for finding safe products. So discover your bliss with all new safe and natural products, live well, and be fabulous!  

Written by Jenna Dawn
© Blissful Miss


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Stop it! Stop slathering cancer causing Body Soaps onto your skin when this perfectly Easy-Peasy Product Guide will have you sudsing up with a Non-Toxic Body Wash you’ll love. You’ll be all, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” I don’t know. Why didn’t you?