14 Best Natural Facial Moisturizers: EWG Rated & Human Reviewed

Cancer anyone?

Yeah, I didn't think so. If you're in search of a most excellent facial moisturizer that won't throw your hormones out of whack, give you cancer or a myriad of other horrific ailments (and who wouldn't be??) this list is for you. What we put on our skin soaks right into our bodies, into our blood streams and filters through our organs. Eew!

But you probably already know all that, because you're a smarty. I can tell that about you. It's what brought you here in hopes of finding a super awesome facial moisturizer that will make you look like thebomb.com without all the scary ingredients found in mainstream moisturizers. 

What the?! You mean I can have "bomb dot com" skin AND not get cancer? Why yes. Yes you can, and this is the guide of all guides that will get your there. Rated stellar by both EWG and your human counterparts (that means people who use these products). So why are you still reading this? Go to Blissful Miss already and find your new favorite moisturizer!


The moisturizers on this Blissful Miss Guide begin with The Environmental Working Group (EWG), which rates products according to their nasty effects to the body. They are given a rating of 1 through 10, with 1 being the safest and 10 the most to toxically nasty. The moisturizers in this list are all rated 1.

If you've been to EWG to find a safe product you know it can be like crazy overwhelming. To date a search for "moisturizers" yields 428 products. So how does one sift through them all to find the most super awesome ones? They're all safe, but will they make you look like thebomb.com? Like, how well do they actually moisturize, reduce those pesky fine lines, even out skin tone, or clear up zits, eczema and rosacea? And which ones are for your skin type?

Amazon Reviews

To narrow down the list and find the "moisturizing cream of the crop" (pun intended), moisturizers were cross-referenced with those sold on Amazon with a killer rating of 4 stars or higher. 

Sensitive Skin

If you have finicky skin, you are in luck. (Well, finicky skin sucks for you, but you're in the right place to find a product that won't cause break outs.) Because all these products have natural ingredients, chances are high that any one of them will work wonders for your sensitive skin. YESSS! 

Several of of these moisturizers have reviews from finicky skin people like you who gush about how well it product worked. HOWEVER, there is also a section dedicated to you sensitive skin folk, including those with eczema, rosacea or other skin conditions. 

Oils Vs. Lotions

Facial oils and serums are becoming increasingly popular, and make up a large portion of the safe rated moisturizers on EWG. However, this list is for those who are looking for a cream or lotion type of facial moisturizer.

Day Time Moisture

While you can certainly use any of these moisturizers day and night, if you'd like one specifically formulated for night time moisturizing and repair, check out the Blissful Miss List of Best Natural Night Creams.


The safety of products suggested by Blissful Miss is based on the Environmental Working Group rating system. This is not to say that every ingredient in and of itself is considered 1000% safe, but combined with several other non-toxic ingredients that product receives a high rating by EWG. Any product on this list can be researched on the EWG Skin Deep Database for specific details of how each ingredient is rated and what the known concerns are, if any.

The Blissful Miss List of Best Natural Facial Moisturizers


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Tinted & Anti-Aging

General Purpose

Intolerant Skin


  • Sunscreen Moisturizer / Anti-Aging
  • Skin Type: ALL
  • EWG - 1

Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Facial Lotion provides light and non-greasy moisture that reviewers love, while protecting skin from the aging rays of the sun. It has a citrusy scent everyone seems to adore. Sweet!

Review Quotes

It's moisturizing without being greasy, provides great sun protection, and lacks scary ingredients.

Goes on nicely, sinks in. Moisturizing, non-greasy ... Studies have shown that in the course of a year, the average person absorbs about 5 lbs. of chemicals through their skin. You really should only use products you can eat, and this one is pretty darn close. 

I've been using this product for over a year and it is made of plant stem cells. I went in for a skin analysis and was told my skin is so healthy and has no sun damage. As a kid I tanned all the time. So the doc stated it was because of the skin products I'm using. This one!

  • Anti-Aging
  • Skin Type: ALL
  • EWG Rating - 1

Bioelements All Things Pure Moisturizer blends certified organic emollients with plant nutrients to lock in hydration and create the ideal environment for healthy, younger-looking skin. Hydrates away visible dullness and wrinkles, softens surface texture and instantly upgrades skin vitality.

  • Contains certified organic emollients with plant nutrients
  • Hydrates away visible dullness and wrinkles
  • Instantly upgrades skin vitality

Review Quotes

"As close to a magic potion as I've found"

"I have searched long and hard for the perfect organic moisturizer and this is it!. Produced 'cruelty free' as well. It is very rich, so a little goes a long way, but it sinks in. It keeps my skin moisturized all day. Best of all, my skin looks amazing - dewy but not oily. I love this superb cream and I'm hooked."

"Perfect for Sensitive, Combination Skin"

"Love, love, love wearing this on my face and neck. I can wear it with some light foundation and blush. People tell me I'm 'glowing'. Worth every penny."

  • Anti-Aging
  • EWG - 1

Instead of adding toxins to your face and body, this 100% Pure Acai Berry soaks antioxidant rich acai into your pores, which also shields your skin from premature aging. Nice!

This product could be included in the "intolerant & skin" section below as MANY folks rave about the amazing results they've had with these issues.

Review Quotes

This made my skin feel and look lovely! My eye area has become tighter along with the rest of my face. It has made my skin look great! 

It is a miracle in this bottle !!! I am 33 and I have sensitive, dry skin. This product I have used for one year and my skin looks and feels great.

I have Rosacea and can't use just any lotion as they make my face break out. Not this! It is wonderful and I can't live without it. Just a tiny amount goes a long way and restores elasticity after I wash my face. I love it. 

  • Anti-Aging
  • EWG - 1

Infuse your skin with antioxidant-rich ginger & grape seed oil for great moisture and elasticity. Beech tree extract does it's firming thing on those fine lines. Jojoba moisturizers without clogging up your pores. What's not to love here about GO Ginger Face Moisturizer?

Review Quotes

The BEST skin cream ... I must say I have seen a difference in my skins tone and brightness ... I will not use any other cream.

Love this product. Saw the positive change in the texture of my skin by the third day. Fan/user for life.

Loooove this! I have very sensitive skin and it works great! Doesn't cause a break out for me and nearly every moisturizer I use does.

  • Anti-Aging
  • Skin Type: Dry to Mature Skin
  • EWG Rating 1

SanRe Organic Skinfood Siesta Sunset is a lavish cream with avocado oil and sea-buckthorn oil. It helps restore, smooth and deeply hydrate mature to dry skin without clogging up sensitive pores. Don't you just love how skin care companies refer to "old and sagging" skin as "mature"! Well apparently this cream firms and nourishes ... so your skin can start acting all "immature". Haha!

Review Quote

"I have dry skin and so far this is the only cream that works for me. It lasts long, you don't need to use much because of the rich consistency. :) Love it!"

Wrinkles are starting appear, but since I starting using this product, me face is looking great. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and not dry.

  • Anti-Aging
  • Skin Type: Normal, Dry
  • EWG Rating - 1

Red Wine Resveratrol Age Protective Collection was formulated specifically to aggressively protect against signs of aging such as environmental damage, lines, wrinkles and, well, loose and saggy skin ... just keepin' it real! It's packed full of antioxidants to protect & nourish, as well as vitamins and other amazing stuff. Instantly hydrating, this super nourishing facial moisturizer will keep your skin healthy, vibrant and hot to trot. Truly 100% Pure means there's never any harsh detergents, synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances or any other toxins.

Review Quotes

"I use it day and night, makes my skin feel great! Especially like it for how much better the lines above my lips look."

"It works great. The resveratrol is a savior and I'm glad I got it. The cream makes me look younger than ever before."

"I'm happy with the anti wrinkle results :)"

"Read an article that recommended resveratrol for cold sore healing. The cream does speed up my healing time"

Tinted & Anti-Aging

  • Color Correcting Tint
  • Anti-Aging
  • SPF 30
  • EWG -1

What’s a CC cream? I'm glad you asked! It’s an all-in-one moisturizer, skin firmer, wrinkle reducer, color corrector and a whole slew of other things. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream offers five color tints to choose from, so your complexion is evened out every time you apply it. Pretty cool, eh?

Review Quotes

LOVE LOVE LOVE ... I have never been happier with my skin and have actually been told I look much younger than my age since using it!

The first time I put it on, my skin felt very soft ... I'm 65 years old and have very sensitive, dry skin. This product hasn't bothered my skin at all. In fact, I feel it's made it softer. It is definitely not a full coverage foundation but that's not what I was looking for. I do feel it gives a very natural coverage. Definitely would recommend.

It's not heavy, but it evens out skin tone and gives an awesome glow. Those fine lines around my mouth and on my forehead are barely visible now.

General Purpose

  • General Purpose Moisturizer
  • Skin Types: ALL, including Sensitive
  • EWG Rating - 1

Dessert Essence Daily Essential Moisturizer is fortified with Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera to soothe to restore and maintain the soft feel you love in your skin. The essential oil of flowering Geraniums adds a pleasing, natural fragrance. Reviewers love the non-greasy feel and, well, the crazy awesome price.

Review Quotes

"Love this stuff. It is so creamy and non-greasy. Perfect for my sensitive, combination skin."

"This is the greatest moisturizer! I've used it for the past 5 years. Many people spend a great deal of money on moisturizers. I was one of those people until I found this product. It's wonderful and it doesn't break the bank. I would highly recommend it to anyone."

"Love This product. Cheap. Doesn't clog my pores and I have VERY acne prone skin. The slightest thing will break me out. This leaves me looking smooth, like I'm wearing base almost. It's not oily and doesn't leave that oily look because I have oily skin too and most moisturizers leave me looking like a grease monkey!"

  • SPF Protection 15
  • Skin Type: ALL, including Sensitive
  • EWG Rating - 1

Herbal Choice Mari Facial SPF Day Cream includes a bit of sun protection, which can help ward off signs of aging. It's a completely natural herbal facial cream with natural earth minerals and antioxidants, which in addition to the SPF, helps protect skin during the day. Due to its natural whitish sunscreen film, it is perfect for use under your powder foundation.

Review Quotes

"Best. Moisturizer. Ever."

"This is the perfect day cream if you are looking for a moisturizing and healthy day cream WITH SPF!"

"I am absolutely in love with this product. Until now, I have been buying all natural essential face oils and having to add my own natural SPF. This product is amazing, works great and my skin absolutely loves it."

Intolerant & Sensitive Skin

If you have particularly Sensitive Skin, and/or suffer from Eczema, Rosacea or other skin conditions, 
one of these Natural Moisturizers might become your new best friend.

Please Note Skin Types

  • Soothes Intolerant Skin
  • Skin Types: Combination to Oily, Sensitive
  • EWG Rating - 1

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluid for combination to oily skin uses detoxifying Thermal Spring Water to instantly moisturize and soothe feelings of heat and irritation, providing long-lasting hydration. Several reviewers with Eczema and Rosacea have had great success with this cream.

Review Quotes

"I recently gave Toleriane Fluid to a friend who suffers from redness and burning sensations as well as occasional adult acne.  . . . A minor miracle happened - her face not only tolerated the cream but she called me a few weeks later and told me that the Fluid had made her skin calm down and the red flareups were all but gone."

"This is literally the only moisturizer I have ever found (and I've tried a LOT of products!) that works for my sensitive, combination, fussy skin! It's awesome! It's light and it moisturizes just enough."

"I used to use Clinique products because they were supposed to be hypoallergenic, well I learned that's not the whole truth. My face cleared up immensely after switching to this face lotion."

  • Soothes Intolerant Skin
  • Skin Types: Normal to Combination, Sensitive
  • EWG Rating - 1

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Soothing Protective Skincare Lotion for normal to combination skin soothes the pulling, stinging and burning sensation specific to intolerant skin. Ahhh ... !  

Quickly relieves redness caused by inflammation, sun, allergic reactions, etc., and is a most excellent cream for eczema and rosacea sufferers.

Review Quotes

"I had a small keloid at the side of my face and within 1 week of using the Toleraine lotion and the Rosalaic cream it was gone! Love this product! It never feels heavy. It is great for sensitive skin and you will be glad you bought it!"

"Dry spots, acne, flakes - all of that was happening at the same time, my skin specialist suggested stopping the use of all products and getting the pH balance back - she recommended the Soothing skincare lotion and the Foaming cleanser from Toleriane. Its 2 years later and have not had an issue since. I don't let any other product come to my face after discovering this. Wonderful for the sensitive skin types."

"I have had severe acne off and on for 20 years and have tried numerous types of creams, lotions, moisturizers for my skin which is very sensitive and combination type of oily and dry. This is the one product that keeps my face feeling soft and does not cause break outs. It is expensive for me but is well worth it."

"I have rosacea, highly reactive and extremely sensitive skin. I have tried dozens of face lotions for sensitive skin that burn and sting. This lotion neither causes a reaction or breakout. Also, I love that the lotion has no fragrance. It absorbs very quickly and does not have a greasy feel or leave a shiny residue."

  • Soothes Intolerant Skin
  • Skin Types: Dry, Sensitive
  • EWG Rating - 1

La Roche Posay Toleriane Riche for dry skin soothes and calms intolerant skin. Its smooth, creamy texture, enriched with shea butter, intensely nourishes and restores your skin's comfy-ness factor. Yay! Like the previous two La Roche Posay products, it is excellent for eczema, rosacea and inflamed redness of various sorts. Only this one is for dry skin.

Review Quotes

"I have extremely sensitive skin. I've spent over a decade trying to find the perfect lotion for my eczema prone skin. This is it. Moisturizes without being oily, and without clogging pores. Perfect."

"I love this moisturizer! I have very sensitive and flaky dry skin and have tried practically everything out there. Nothing has worked better than this."

"This is the only cream that calms down my skin. I usually have oily/sensitive skin but I have some autoimmune issues that cause large areas of dry skin on my face. This is the only cream that calms that stuff down without causing a rash."

"I've had eczema my whole life. Recent flare-up sent me to my dermatologist who recommended this cream. My face has never looked better. La Roche Posay has earned a lifelong customer."

  • Non Comedogenic for Sensitive Skin
  • Skin Types: ALL Skin Types, Sensitive
  • EWG Rating - 1

First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream is a lightweight, non-comedogenic lotion containing ceramides and botanical antioxidants. Get your "soft and supple" on, while infusing your skin with great moisture for healthier, plumper-looking skin. (Who needs Botox?!) It's called "First Aid" because it actually has healing properties, as well as preventing free-radical damage. The mild formula soothes and protects while reducing skin reactivity. Great for all skin types, including the most finicky, sensitive skin. 

Review Quotes

"This is the best ever daily face cream, it is light and a great moisturizer! I have naturally oily skin, a lot of times us oily skin people don't think we need to moisturize but we do! With this moisturizer I have less oil on my face throughout the day than I do when I don't use it."

"I have very, very moody combination skin and this has always treated me right. It is lightweight and my makeup goes over it flawlessly and doesn't turn oily. I also have extremely sensitive acne prone skin, so I was really wary about trying something new, but I couldn't be happier that I did." 

"This daily lotion is so smooth and creamy without being greasy. I have very dry, mature skin and this has a wonderful texture. It goes on very light and feels great. It is non-comedogenic and my makeup goes on very nicely and stays nice all day."

  • Healing & Revitalizing
  • Skin Types: ALL Skin Types, Sensitive
  • EWG Rating - 1

SanRe Shaded Rose Healing Face Cream heals and revitalizes irritated, psoriasis and eczema prone skin with rose and coconut oils. It also adds SPF 30 for a nice little barrier to sun damage.

Review Quotes

I tend to get small patches of eczema on my eye lids for some reason and have found that Shaded Rose really helps keep it moisturized and not flaky or irritated. 

My skin is healthier than ever before. This stuff is great!!! Even now during the brutal winter months! I found my new skin care.

Wow ... every single thing on my arms cleared up! I've been using this product for 2 months now and my arms haven't had any eczema breakouts and the cream didn't break me out at all. Its been the best thing that has kept my skin clear, smooth and very hydrated!

EWG Is Doctor Recommended

Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola both recommend The Environmental Working Group as a great resource for finding safe products. And they're doctors and all. 

So discover your bliss with safe and totally bomb products, live well, and be fabulous!  

Written by Jenna Dawn
© Blissful Miss

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