Blissful Miss Natural Product Guides - The totally bomb resource to stellar products that won't give you cancer or other horrid ailments

Why Use Natural Products

Because you're body deserves better, that's why!

So here's the deal. Anything that gets rubbed into your skin leaches into your body, takes a ride through your blood veins and ends up in your organs. And if it's a toxic ingredient, it has the potential to do simply horrid things to your health. Things that make you wonder Why are my hormones so messed up? ... or Why do so many people get cancer these days? And sadly, many of the most well-known products available have nasty ingredients that do just that and far more. They look all innocent. Trust me when I say they may be anything but innocent!

So when you wash your face, body, and hair, and then apply moisturizers and lotions, and then brush your teeth ... you may be introducing toxic chemicals right into your body every single time. 

So for those who are mindful of what they put into contact with their body, you have come to the right place to find crazy good products that are not only healthy for your body, but well liked by people who have used them and reviewed them.

What a Blissful Miss Guide Is and is Not

Blissful Miss provides guides to stellar natural products with links to various Amazon vendors for further information and ease of shopping. This site is an epic resource to make your life a heck of a lot easier. It is not a store.  


All of the Blissful Miss Best Lists are made up of products that are rated safe by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a well known organization that rates products according to their ingredients. They’ll even tell you what specific negative health effects are caused by a particular ingredient. A rating of 1 is the safest, least toxic, with a 10 being the most harmful.

Amazon Reviews

The list is then narrowed down by products sold on Amazon ... because who doesn't love Amazon? ... and then narrowed down further to those with the most killer ratings and reviews.

So when you choose an item from a Blissful Miss Best list, you are getting a product that is both rated safe by EWG and well liked by consumers who have used it and took the time to tell us how crazy great it is.