Tips and info on living a natural health lifestyle


What is Natural Health?

In a nutshell, living naturally means to live as closely as possible to the way our ancestors did for thousands of years. They didn’t call it naturalorganicclean or non-toxic living.

It just was. 

Our ancestors ate whole foods such as vegetables grown in healthy soil, poultry from chickens fed unadulterated grains and fish from waters untainted by mercury. They found natural healing for their wounds from honey and recovered faster from the common cold with garlic. Women dawned glowing and youthful skin from the oil of coconuts and olives.

While it took our ancestors weeks to travel where an airplane can take us in a matter of hours, they had a never ending supply of clean air to breathe into their lungs. People didn’t eat foods processed with God only knows what chemicals. They didn’t drink toxic water or take drugs that did them more harm than good in the long run.

Today, we have to fight the damaging affects of living in a toxic world, continually detoxify the bad stuff, naturally increase the good stuff, and become savvy consumers who know what we're putting in and on our body. 

Conventional Medicine Vs. Natural Medicine

Modern, conventional or traditional medicine, as we know it today, has brought with it a multitude of wonderful benefits. However, as it rose to be the standard of care, it evolved into one of dispensing a chemical laden drug for every ailment known to man, while completely disregarding the many natural therapies prescribed by medical doctors with success just a short time ago.

Instead of natural medicine — as it is referred to today — being the norm, it became what some consider to be quackery. This is due in large part to the pharmaceutical industry's overbearing influence on doctors to push pills and rake in sky high profits at your expense. Those tried and true natural therapies are no longer taught in medical school.

How to Implement Natural Health

  • Eat Well
  • Cleanse Toxins
  • Avoid Toxins
  • Cope with Stress
  • Be a Knowledgable Consumer of products that affect your health
  • Employ natural therapies such as chiropractic care, massage therapy, and acupuncture
  • See a Naturopathic M.D. who is licensed to prescribe medication when deemed suitable, but is also educated in natural treatments and therapies
  • Take control of your health by educating yourself. Your conventional medical doctor may know the best treatment for you, but trust them with caution.