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It All Started When . . .

I learned that the sunscreen I use to prevent one kind of cancer . . . can actually give me other kinds of cancer.


Hey there. My name is Jenna and this is my story. It was 2012 and for years I'd been a big fan of Dr. Mercola, a well known doctor and educator of all things "natural health". In fact, he's the one who told me about the nasty ingredients in mainstream sunscreens. (Yeah, he personally told me . . . and thousands of other email subscribers!)

He also personally told me (and thousands of other email subscribers) about The Environmental Working Group


The EWG Skin Deep Database, provides detailed lists of products listed from the safest to the most toxic. You can read what ingredients are in each product, see the toxicity rating for each individual ingredient, and what those ingredients do to your body.

Excellent! So I'll just go there, find out what the safest ones are and buy one. Easy peasy!

But not so much.

I quickly discovered there were hundreds of sunscreens on the list, and I didn't recognize the names of ANY of them. How do I know how well they each work? Where the heck do I buy them? 

I Googled the names of a few and landed on random online stores. Okay, so if I want to blindly buy this sunscreen, which may or may not work well, how much is my shipping going to be? Is there tax? When will it arrive? I really don't want to hassle with entering all of my contact and credit card info before I find out. If I were on Amazon, they would just tell me how much shipping is, which would probably be free with Prime, and it would be at my door in a day or two. And I don't have to enter any of my info.

So I decided to just find a sunscreen sold on Amazon, finally picked one, bought it in bulk (3 tubes) because it was a better value. 

And I hated it.

My family hated it.

None of us would use it.

It slathered on white and pasty and made you look sickly and whiter than Casper the Friendly Ghost. 


Fast forward a year or so to the 2013 birth of Blissful Miss. I wanted to write about natural health and do what I could to educate people on what I'd learned over the years from Dr. Mercola . . .

. . . and from Jordan Rubin's books The Maker's Diet and The Great Physician's Rx for Health & Wellness. (He's also the dude behind Garden of Life health supplements.)

. . . and from Mariel Hemmingway's Healthy Living from the Inside Out: Every Woman's Guide to Real Beauty, Renewed Energy and a Radiant Life

All of these resources impacted my thinking on health in a huge way. The food I eat. The health care I choose. The moisturizers, sunscreens and lotions I put on my skin.

You get the idea.

So as I sat with my laptop pondering ideas for Blissful Miss, I thought about the pain in the butt experience I'd had trying to find a healthy sunscreen.

How can I be the superhero person who provides a most excellent resource for people to NOT have a pain in the butt experience finding an awesome safe sunscreen? And moisturizer? And body lotion? And any every day product that affects the health of the human body?

I knew EWG was the place to start. And I knew that, as a consumer, I love reading reviews of what others think before I spend my money. And I love the ease of ordering from Amazon. Who doesn't? 

Oh and Prime. I LOVE Prime!

And thus, the method for the Blissful Miss Natural Product Guides was born. Safe rating from EWG plus thumbs up ratings from super happy Amazon reviewers. 

I started with sunscreen, since that was my first serious pain-in-the-butt-natural-product-buying-experience. Over time, people began finding the Blissful Miss Natural Sunscreen Guide and using it. I knew I had something, so I began creating more lists.

Today I get thank you notes from readers who are so thankful for the guides Blissful Miss provides. And that just makes my day. I know I'm offering a valuable resource for those who, well . . . know what a pain in the butt it is to find awesome natural products they can trust are both safe and work well.


And yay for you for reading all of this to the very, very end. 

You're totally awesome.

Thanks for stopping by and . . .

Have a Blissful Day! 


P.S. Check out TotalThrive.com. It’s my passion to propel women to dream, achieve & flourish beyond their wildest imagination!

Blissful Miss Reader Quotes

Thank you so so much for your natural beauty product guides! They've been my bible the last couple years in changing over all my products to natural ones that won't harm me or the environment. You are a rockstar! ~ Amy G.

This website is my dream come to life!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! ~ Kate H.

Just used your guide to find a shampoo. I've been using natural products for years but it's a PIA and time consuming to research them...you made it easy so thank you! ~ Yvonne M.

I am a huge fan of your site. As professional formulator in the personal care industry and a dedicated EWG preacher I commend you and your mission to promote healthy beauty through the power of knowledge. There should be more people out there out there fighting "the man" the way you are. Thank you. ~ Alexandria P.

Love love love your site... You've done the research for me!! ~ DeAndra S.

Hi I love your page so much!! Number 1 fan here! ... Thank you a million! ~ Lori H.

Thank you so much for taking the time to pull all this information together!! ... It'' s not uncommon to spend 4-5 hours researching various DBs such as EWG, Mercola and other blogs/websites I trust such as yours. ~ Dawn T.

Glad to find your site especially great it's in conjunction with EWG ratings. Takes the guesswork out and I don't have to check two websites just yours. Thank You ~ Mariah C.

I've been trying to find the right natural sunscreen and have been sifting and sorting through the EWG site, Amazon, you name. so many choices! i appreciate your sunscreen guide. it sure saved me time and helped me find the right products. Thanks for your work! ~ Lynn F.

THANK YOU!!! I've been trying to make the switch to natural products, and have tried some, but it can be an expensive and time consuming research, trial and error process. And as much as I love EWG's skin deep database, I found it OVERWHELMING to look at the vast number of products look them up to see where they were available, how much they cost, customer reviews, etc. ...I was really excited to find your lists! Thank you for your work cross referencing EWG with Amazon availability and customer reviews! I know that is no small task, but you made the switch to non-toxic products approachable and affordable for me and my family. I have an amazon cart full of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, facial cleanser, facial moisturizer, deodorant and toothpaste to try thanks to you...and with confidence it won't be a total bust! Thanks again. ~ Sarah C.

i have to reach out and THANK YOU for doing all the work for me. i cannot believe i don't have to spend hours sifting through ewg and amazon looking for healthy and effective products - THANKS TO YOU! i am forwarding your site to everyone i know. right now. sincere thanks. ~ Maria D.

Thank you for your article on the best natural sunblocks! I see you have a love for EWG like me. I have a spreadsheet on the best items in different categories. I have been trying to find the best sunblock without all those chemicals and your list is a great help. ...THANK YOU:) ~ Amy J.

Jenna Dawn - Blissful MIss