Accentuate Your Assets

Are you staring at yourself in the mirror again and frowning at what you consider flaws? Maybe you're waist isn't as teeny as you'd like, or your butt is too big, too small, or too . . . whatever. Or worse yet, do you avoid the mirror because you just don't like what you see?

Stop focusing on what you don't like and pay attention to what you do. If there are realistic things you can do to improve what bothers you, such as more squats and less chocolate, then do it. But while you're squatting, think about what makes you stupendous. Because you are.

Identify Your Best Features

What are your best features? If you don't think you have any, you're wrong. What do people compliment you on? "You have such gorgeous eyes," someone might have said, or, "I'd kill for legs like yours". Are you particularly toned arms, or are you proud of your perky bosom? Are your friend's envious of your glorious locks?

If you're having difficulty figuring out your assets, take a good look in the mirror. (No self loathing!) Start at the top and work your way down. Study your hair, your eyes, and your facial skin. Do you like your neck or your chest? How do you feel about your arms, your bust and your waist? Surely you don't dislike ALL those things. What about your hips? Turn around and check out your butt. Do you have a great butt? Come on, admit it! Continue downward and take a gander at your legs . . . first your thighs, then your calves. How about your feet? Do you have cute feet?

Okay, so have you discovered areas of your body that you like? At the very least, are there some features that "aren't so bad?" If you still need help, ask someone you trust. Ask several people, in fact. We are usually our own worst enemy when it comes to our appearance. Studies have shown that most women view themselves as far less attractive than how others view them. Isn't that interesting?

At any rate, once you've discovered your best features, those are the areas you need to fabulize. Yes, that's a word. I just made it up. Fabulize means to take what is already great and make it fabulous.

Accentuate Your Eyes

Beautiful Eyes

If you have beautiful eyes wear makeup that accentuates them. Learn the colors that go best with your eye color and the techniques that will make your eyes really pop.

Amazing Legs

Incredible legs should be tastefully shown off. If you happen to have a such a pair, find appropriate dresses and shorts that reveal just enough to wow the world.

Accentuate Your Lips -

Luscious Lips

Do you have full lips? Certain lip colors look best on specific skin tones, so discover which colors are amazing on you and play up those luscious lips.

Fabulous Waste Line

If you are blessed with a small waste avoid clothes that drape over it and hide your figure. Even if your waste isn't particularly small, as in its not a size 2 but rather a 22, if it is smaller in proportion to your hips and bust, you have an hourglass figure and should flaunt it, woman!

Downplay Your Least Favorite Areas

While I'm okay with my lower legs, I have cellulite on my thighs. I, therefore, where dresses that are long enough to cover my thighs, while sometimes revealing my knees on down. I avoid shorts, unless they're particularly long, or opt for capris during the warmer months.Whatever you don't like about your body is what you should downplay. If you don't care for your thin lips, where light to medium lip color as darker shades will make them appear even smaller and draw more attention to them. I'm one of those such people, and therefore tend to play up my eyes, which I get compliments on occasionally, while I downplay my lips.

Dark colors slim, so keep that in mind when choosing jeans. If your'e booty is larger than you'd like, don't draw attention to it with lots of bling on your back pockets, and buy jeans with pockets that are proportionate to the jeans. Small pockets with a lot of fabric around them will make your rear end appear larger than it is.

Avoid Trends That Don't Fabulize

Elongate your legs with heels -

Remember that just because some new style is a hot new trend, that doesn't mean it's your best look. Don't run out and purchase the latest thing on the racks that all your friends are wearing if it works against your assets. Sometimes you can be creative and change up a current look to make it work for you, but always be mindful of what makes you your most fabulous. Just because the dress is amazing doesn't mean you're amazing in it. Remember this witty quote, "If it doesn't fabulize, it is unwise."

When you play up your best assets and downplay your least desirable areas, you feel your most fabulous. You like what you see in the mirror and you just plain feel good. You carry yourself differently. You have a confidence and a presence about you that makes you even more attractive. So, go ahead . . . check yourself out. Accentuate your assets and feel your most fabulous.

Written by Jenna Dawn ©
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