Make Your Own Cashew Butter

Cashew Butter
Cashew Butter

I just used my brand new food processor for the very first time and am feeling totally down with my bad self. I have created for my tasting pleasure . . . homemade cashew butter. That's right. In my very kitchen, I have whirled up a batch of yummy, creamy, cashewy goodness. I am not allowed to have peanuts on the candida diet, hence the need for another nut butter option. I can buy almond butter at a couple of stores near me, yet almond butter doesn't do a lot for my tastebuds. Cashews, however, I love. I have heard, by the way, that sun butter, made from sunflower seeds, looks and tastes similar to peanut butter, so I may be trying that in the near future.

*Note: Some candida diet lists do not allow cashews, but glory hallelujah, mine does!

Beginning with the recipe in Mariel Hemingway's book, Healthy Living from the Inside Out (HIGHLY RECOMMEND), I made a couple of variations . . . cause I can do that. It's my kitchen, my awesome new food processor and my tastebuds. I am queen of the kitchen. 


Mariel's recipe ingredients read like this:

  • 2 1/2 c whole raw cashews
  • 3 Tbsp coconut oil
  • Sea salt
  1. Place cashews and oil in food processor and blend until smooth.
  2. Add sea salt to taste.

That's it!

I began with only 2 cups of cashews, reserving a half cup to add later for "chunky cashew butter".

Finally the moment had arrived. It was time to power up my new gadget. The ON button beckoned my finger like a kid with a toy on Christmas morning. And then I did it. I pushed the button and watched the contents whirl and twirl.

It took much longer than I expected. Whenever Rachael Ray turns her food processor on, it only takes moments to whip up whatever she threw in there.  Yet I've never seen Rachael Ray make cashew butter.

I'd say it took around 10 minutes to get my cashew butter to a decent consistency. I think it could have been smoother if I would have let it go longer, so I'll try it next time. The thick mixture kept bunching up on one side of the bowl, so I stopped it a few times and spread it around. However, this is another thing I don't think I really needed to do. Maybe I should have written this post after the NEXT time I made cashew butter, you think?! 

After it quit bunching up on the sides, I decided to add another tablespoon of coconut oil to help thin it out. Again, not sure if necessary if I had just let it run longer, but I've seen recipes with more coconut oil than this one.

And because I'm queen of my kitchen, I also decided to add a tablespoon of XyloSweet. XyloSweet is a brand name of xylotol, a natural sweetener similar to stevia and a-okay for candida or anyone cutting out sugar. I buy it on monthly auto ship through Amazon.

I then slathered my cashew butter on some crispy celery sticks. YUM! It's even more favorite on apple slices, which I can technically have now that I'm past the first two weeks of the candida cleanse (one piece of fresh fruit a day.)

Healthy Living from The inside out: every woman's guide to real beauty, renewed energy, and a radiant life

Since I got the cashew butter recipe from Mariel Hemmingway's book, I might as well give it some kudos. This book changed the way I think about food and simply living day to day life. Mariel lets us in our her secrets to looking and feeling great.

Four key areas she covers are:

  • food
  • exercise
  • home
  • silence 

Learn how to break bad habits, listen to your body and make better decisions that will help you live well and add more bliss to your life.

Written by Jenna Dawn ©
Feature photo provided by The Whole Kitchen