Olive Oil & Sugar Exfoliant for Soft and Radiant Skin

For radiantly soft skin, exfoliation is key. However, it doesn’t have to come prepackaged, cost a pretty penny, or include ingredients you can’t pronounce. For skin that glows all you need is some sugar and a bottle of olive oil.

What Exfoliation Does

Sloughing off dead skin cells promotes collagen production. This minimizes wrinkles, improves skin tone and creates a smoother and more even complexion. It also keeps nasty black heads and white heads at bay and makes pores appear smaller. The smaller your pores, the better your skin's surface is able to reflect light and literally glow.

How I Discovered Olive Oil and Sugar Exfoliation

I bought an exfoliating scrub at a salon once and, while I loved it, the expense of it kept me from using the product as often as I should have. Clearly I needed something more affordable. With a bit of hesitation I decided to buy some St. Ives at Target one day hoping the bargain price  was not an indication of it's affect on the health of my skin. Well, the questions I had were answered on a camping trip shortly thereafter when I met a woman who is a professional esthetician. I asked her what inexpensive exfoliation products she would recommend and the first thing she uttered was, “Whatever you do, don’t use St. Ives. It’s horrible for your skin.”


Well, during that time I had gained a focus on more natural ingredients in food and products I use on my skin and in my home. A friend had given me a body scrub once for birthday gift that was basically oil and sugar from what I could tell. I never looked at the list of ingredients when I had it, but later I began to think of what must have been in it. As a big Rachael Ray fan, I knew that olive oil was not only good to consume, but to apply topically on the skin, so when my hands were especially dry one winter, I decided to try a spoon full of sugar with a drizzle of olive oil to slough off the dead skin. I rinsed and applied lotion after and loved the results. Later I did a little research on olive oil and sugar for the face and found it was a common home exfoliant.

Wow! I felt so smart that I had basically figured all this out on my own!

I love that olive oil and sugar scrub is totally natural, very affordable, and so easy to use. My skin feels great afterward. I never have to go shopping for an exfoliating product since I always have olive oil and sugar on hand.

Olive Oil is Good for Skin

Olive oil is great to use anywhere on the body. It doesn't clog pores and it helps skin retain water during exfoliation. It is particularly good for dry skin or for those with sensitive skin. In addition to exfoliation, you can moisturize with it as well.

What Kind of Olive Oil to Use

For the most benefit to your skin, use extra virgin olive oil and look for "first cold pressed" on the bottle, as this will contain the most antioxidants. Antioxidants stimulate cells for firm, smooth and healthy skin.

Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil is and excellent quality olive oil that is easy on the pocket book and is among the most highly rated olive oils by Amazon reviewers.

White Sugar Vs. Brown Sugar

I have found some exfoliation recipes with brown sugar and others with white. After trying both I decided I prefer white. One reason is because brown sugar tends to dry and harden, making it difficult to use as a scrub. However, as long as the sugar is loose I believe both are equally effective.

How Often to Exfoliate With Olive Oil

For people with oily, combination or normal skin 2-3 times per week is recommended if the weather is humid and 1-2 times a week if weather cold or very dry.

If your skin is dry, sensitive or mature, exfoliating 1-2 times a week is suggested when the weather is warm and humid. Less in cold or dry weather.

Be advised your skin might temporarily appear a little red right after you exfoliate. This will go away.

Exfoliate Your Body with Olive Oil

You can exfoliate your entire body with olive oil and sugar. My hands tend to get very dry during the winter. I pull off my rings and work my scrub into my hands and fingers paying special attention to the areas between my fingers and thumbs, as they seem to get particularly rough and dry.

Exfoliate with Olive Oil and Sugar - BlissfulMiss.com

If you want to soften the rest of your body, step into the shower and slather your scrub all over. Be careful, though. The oil will make your shower slippery.

Olive Oil exfoliation Recipe

You can't really mess up an olive oil and sugar scrub recipe. I've found several varied suggestions for how much of each ingredient to use. However, a good place to start is a 2:1 ratio of sugar to olive oil. So for 1 cup of sugar, add 1/2 cup olive oil to it. Try it out and change it up to whatever suits you. Remember that adding water as you exfoliate will help the scrub spread more easily.

When I first tried this, I simply put a couple of spoonfuls of sugar directly in my hand and poured some olive oil over it. I now keep a pre-mixed scrub in a small container with a lid.

How to Use Olive Oil Scrub

  • Spread the mixture on your skin and gently rub all areas to slough off dead skin. If needed, use warm water to activate the mixture and help it spread more easily. Always be gentle with the delicate skin around your eyes.
  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Pat dry with a towel.
  • At this point you are finished if you have enough olive oil left of your skin to moisturize. If not apply a bit of olive oil on your skin straight from the bottle, or if you prefer, use your regular moisturizer for your face or lotion for the rest of your body.

And then bask in the amazingly good feeling of soft and radiant skin!

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Written by Jenna Dawn
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