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(Let's be perfectly clear)

The words "natural" and "antiperspirant" together is a bit of an oxymoron.

But for your best options in "mostly" natural antiperspirant, you've come to the right place.

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4 Quick Antiperspirant Tips

Because "natural antiperspirant" is a tricky thing, you should educate yourself on a few things. Like ...

  1. The difference between DEODORANT and ANTIPERSPIRANT
  2. Why you might actually WANT to let your pits sweat??
  3. The thing about "aluminum", the active ingredient in most antiperspirants
  4. Is there such a thing as a truly "safe and natural" product that fights sweat (Hint: The answer is yes! ... well, maybe. There are products that work for many people. Perhaps you're one of them!)

1. Deodorants vs. Antiperspirants

  • DEODORANT - Keeps you from stinking up the joint.

  • ANTIPERSPIRANT - Keeps you from sweating all over it!

2. Sweating Releases Toxins

Sweating is a healthy thing to do. People sit in saunas for this reason. So, if you're a hardcore natural-health individual, you will simply let your pits sweat out the toxins in your body. You just don't have to smell while you're doing it.

Your choice!

3. Aluminum: Natural, Yes . . . But Safe?

Aluminum is the most common ingredient in antiperspirants that prevents sweat. And because it is technically a natural ingredient, products containing aluminum can truly promote themselves as "natural". However, natural does not always equate to "safe" for your body. Aluminum has been linked to breast cancer, Alzheimer's, bone disorders and kidney problems. Don't say I didn't warn you! 

4. Aluminum-Free Wetness Protection

The first two products in the Blissful Miss Antiperspirant Guide contain no aluminum! They have truly  "safe" ingredients that help "many" reviewers control their sweat. Yay! Perhaps you will fall among the "many"? I'm thinking it's certainly worth a shot.

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So Here Are Your Options

  1. Let your pits sweat and opt for simple odor protection . . . from the Blissful Miss Natural Deodorant Easy List, of course!
  2. Use a product that gives you wetness protection with completely safe ingredients (you won't sweat out toxins, but you won't introduce them either)
  3. If none of the above works for you, choose a product containing aluminum, but safe by all other standards. 
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Why You Can Trust This List



The Environmental Working Group rates products according to their toxicity to the human body. Each Blissful Miss guide begins with products rated safe by EWG. Products are rated 1 through 10, with 1 being the safest.


 natural body lotion reviews

Products are cross-referenced with human reviewers on Amazon, who have tried them, love them and rated them with a super awesome 4 stars or higher. 



Products are checked on Fakespot as well, to ensure that only products with real and honest (not paid for) reviews are recommended here. A Fakespot Grade of "A" is the most trustworthy.

Here Is The List!


Aluminum-Free "Antiperspirants"

1. Real Purity Roll-On

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  Super Trustworthy Amazon Reviews


Real Purity Roll-On Deodorant might just be your new best friend. It's not labeled an "antiperspirant" per say, but reviewers say this aluminum-free product keeps them dry, some say they sweat "less", and even the sweaty folks rave that they don't stink up the place anymore. I say it's worth a try for the safest possible way to be sweat free.

By the way, it's made with the most sensitive skin issues in mind.

amazon review quotes

Finally, a natural deodorant that works at fending off sweat and stink! I've tried every deodorant out there, from aluminum-laced brands to "pure" crystal chunks, and nothing comes close to this. It glides on easily, isn't sticky, dries fasts, smells light but pleasant, and lasts 24+ hours. I'm officially hooked.
Works great on men in the south! I was looking to get away from aluminum (and Potassium Alum) and find a more natural alternative to my deodorant. This stuff is incredible! I wasn't expecting it to also keep me dry but it does - to a degree - if I am slaving away in the yard for hours on end or hitting the gym pretty hard then I will sweat but nothing to the degree of not wearing deodorant AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I don't stink even when I do sweat a little.
Smells nice and light. Works better than any other natural deodorant I've tried. I am a heavy sweater and typically use "clinical strength " type over the counter brands. This has nearly matched it!

2. Oyin Handmade Funk Butter - Unscented

EWG - 1 Unscented ONLY
Fakespot Grade - A  Super Trustworthy Amazon Reviews


Only a pea size amount of Oyin Handmade Funk Butter, Unscented goes a long way toward both odor control AND sweaty pits. Baking soda takes care of the smellies while vegetable powders and Kaolin clay work to absorb your sweat. Awesome! (NOTE: Other scents are rated 3 by EWG)

*Be advised this MAY cause irritation for those with sensitive skin, but applying freshly out of the shower may help, and/or mixing a bit of water with the cream before applying. Also try layering over some body oil. Spread gently and don't "rub in".

Amazon Review Quotes

This stuff is incredible, every time I use it I am just shocked at how good of a job this deodorant does and how terrible all of the deodorants I've used in the past have been! Not only does it mask any odors your body might try to put out but it also seems to prevent excess sweat, and you hardly need a pea sized amount to do it!
Because Funk Butter has ingredients that absorb and seemingly wick moisture - my sweating has been reduced by at least 50-75%!!! Whaaaat? They don't even advertise it as an antiperspirant!  I can't say it stops it 100%, but honestly has there ever been a deodorant or antiperspirant that does?
Yes, it is weird that you have to apply with your fingers, but it works. So far, all the natural deodorants that I have tried either keep me dry, but let me stink, or take care of the stink, but leave me sweaty. This one takes care of both. I do have to reapply mid-day if I am having a very active day though. 

Antiperspirants With Aluminum

3. Almay Clear Gel Anti-Perspirant - Fragrance Free (3 PACK) 

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  Super Trustworthy Amazon Reviews

  • Contains Aluminum

Another hypoallergenic option from Almay for you sensitive skin folk. Lots of folks say it doesn't give them a rash like other antiperspirants do. Almay Clear Gel dries in about a minute, per a reviewer, and another said they once went three whole days without reapplying. (Umm ... but did they shower?!)

Amazon Review Quotes

I like unscented deodorant, and this is great for sensitive skin and has a very low "toxicity" rating on EWG's skin deep website. I try not to use anti-perspirant, but sometimes, I need to. So this is my go-to for antiperspirant. 
The ONLY brand of deodorant that I can use, that doesn't cause me to have an underarm rash. I originally bought the scented brand, but found that the scent bothered my nose a bit. Switched to unscented, and haven't looked back.
This is now a very hard-to-find product. After a lot of trial and error research I found that this was the only deodorant product that I could use and didn't irritate my skin, while at the same time being just as effective as any other quality deodorant. 

4. Speed Stick By Mennen Power Antiperspirant & Deodorant Solid - Unscented (6 PACK)

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - B
  Pretty Darn Trustworthy Amazon Reviews

  • Contains Aluminum

This 6 pack of Speed Stick by Mennen will last you ... like forever. Their patented "comfort guard applicator" makes application all ... comfy ... and provides better control. Works for guys and gals alike since it's unscented.

Amazon Review Quotes

People avoid me less now. They don't look at me funny anymore and hold their breath when they talk to me. Worth every cent...
Fantastic protection and it lasts all day for me and my husband. I love that it is effective and is safer to use than almost every other brand including organic brands. I was out of my product so I had to turn to my husband's Speed Stick. Sure was not what I expected. A plus is that it is unscented so it does not compete with my perfume. Love that!
We have been using this deodorant for 20 years. A little hard to find in the unscented version, so when I discovered I could order from Amazon, I did so. Never stains my clothes, doesn't interfere with perfume, and does the job.

5. Arrid XX Antiperspirant & Deodorant Solid, Unscented

EWG - 1 Unscented ONLY
Fakespot Grade - A  Super Trustworthy Amazon Reviews

  • Contains Aluminum

Get a little closer, people ... with Arrid! Not just dry, but extra EXTRA dry. Arrid XX Antiperspirant has been around forever. If you're like me, the name Arrid makes you think "men", but this unscented version is trusted by both men AND women. It's increasingly difficult to find in the stores, so long time fans go to Amazon.

Amazon Review Quotes

This stuff works shockingly well. And you get the added benefit of not smelling like hideous deodorant.
Very good product. Used for over 25 years. Will not switch. Keeps me dry and I can use my colognes with it.
I was really upset to find it gone from all stores in my area ... I have been using it for years and it is the only thing that works for me. When I have tried another product I just get let down and return to my stand by favorite.

6. DERMAdoctor Total Nonscents, Ultra-Gentle Antiperspirant

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - B
  Pretty Darn Trustworthy Amazon Reviews

  • Contains Aluminum

If your pits go beyond the usual "sensitive skin" issues, you might want to give DERMAdoctor Totoal Nonscents a try. Do you have dark skin? Itchy skin? Dermadoctor might be your new best friend. Check out the reviews.

Amazon Review Quotes

For the past 6 months I have been suffering from itchy underarms. I have had eczema and very sensitive skin for the past 10 years . . . I tried at least 6 different types of anti-perspirants including that crystal rock thing. All of them burned and the itching got increasingly worse. I was miserable and desperate. After 2 days using this total nonscents product, the itching stopped. A month later, my underarms are much lighter in color and I have had no more itching. I will never go back!!
My sister has had dark underarms for years... she's tried everything- I convinced her to try Total Non-Scents and in less than a month her underarms have lightened up considerably! She says she will never use any other antiperspirant/deodorant again.
After a rough year of trying new deodorants for my ultra-sensitive skin I happened upon this product. Happy to report my skin issues under the arm have subsided! I have no issues with rashes, itchy skin, or odor from non-use. I am so glad to have found this product. It is expensive. However, the bottle will last you longer.

7. Ban Invisible Solid Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Unscented (6 PACK)

EWG - 1 Unscented ONLY
Fakespot Grade - A  Super Trustworthy Amazon Reviews

  • *Contains Aluminum

Looks white, but Ban Invisible Solid goes on clear and leaves less residue than the original version. Good luck finding it in the stores. Get this 3-Pack on Amazon and buy yourself a little something extra with the money you save. Nice!


Works very well. Leaves no white stain. Easy to apply. Goes on dry.
We cannot find this item in any stores near us. So glad to have found online! Best deodorant that works for me! Thank you.
Ban won't wear off, as the day wears on...
My wife's favorite, hard to find the unscented kind in stores.

8. Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Unscented (4 PACK)

EWG - 1 Unscented ONLY
Fakespot Grade - A  Super Trustworthy Amazon Reviews

  • Contains Aluminum
  • 4 Pack

Ban Roll-On boasts 24 hour smell and sweat protection. Whoa, that's a long time! It also boasts "invisible", but only if you don't apply too much ... per one reviewer. 

Amazon Review Quotes

This is a very good product, especially for those who may have an allergy to ingredients in stick (solid) deodorant. It has become hard to find good roll-on deodorant so I use Amazon and order a bunch at one time!
Been a longtime roll-on user but first time using Ban. Very pleased with its performance thus far. Rolls on smoothly, dries pretty quickly and keeps perspiration and odor at bay even after heavy work in the yard.
I stock up on these. They work well and don't irritate my skin. I think I pay a lot less by buying in numbers, also.

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 Control your sweaty pits naturally. These antiperspirants are rated safe by the Environmental Working Group and reviewed by human beings. Another great resource from Blissful Miss.

EWG Is Doctor Recommended

Dr. OzDr. Axe and Dr. Mercola all recommend The Environmental Working Group as a great resource for finding safe products like your new favorite antiperspirant. And they're doctors and all!

So discover your bliss with safe and totally bomb products, live well, and be fabulous!  


The safety of products suggested by Blissful Miss is based on the Environmental Working Group rating system. This is not to say that every ingredient in and of itself is considered 100% safe, but combined with several other non-toxic ingredients, that product receives a high rating by EWG. Any product on this list can be researched on the EWG Skin Deep Database for specific details of how each ingredient is rated and what the known concerns are, if any.

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