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What you put on your skin, particularly your sweat glands, absorbs into your body, goes into your blood stream and into your organs


Aluminum . . . It's Natural, But Is It Safe?

Aluminum is a common ingredient in mainstream deodorants, as well as many "natural" brands.

However, this toxic ingredient has been linked to: 

  • Breast Cancer
  • Alzheimer's
  • Kidney Problems
  • Bone Disorders

A Google search will reveal tons of resources on this subject, but here are a few from WebMDGlobal Healing Center and Dr. Mercola.


because aluminum is a "natural ingredient", deodorant manufacturers can truthfully label their product as "natural" 

 Stinky pits? Discover the best non-toxic deodorants, aluminum and toxin-free. Rated safe by the Environmental Working Group and reviewed by humans like you. Another great resource from Blissful Miss.

The Difference Between Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Deodorant fights body odor. Antiperspirants fights sweat. The products here are all deodorants, though some reviewers claim they also keep them dry as well.

Having said that, you actually WANT to sweat! (Whaat?) It's one of the ways your body releases harmful toxins.  So sweating is a healthy thing. But smelling ... well, that's just nasty and unnecessary!

Crystal Mineral Deodorants Contain Aluminum!

Don't be fooled into thinking your Thai Deodorant Stone or other salt mineral deodorant is aluminum-free. All of these highly popular "natural" deodorants contain potassium alumThat's aluminum, people!

You may have heard that the molecule of potassium alum is too large to absorb into your body. I have, which is why these products used to be on this list. But recent research overwhelmingly raises questions about the reality of these products' safety. Therefore, Blissful Miss cannot in good conscience recommend any crystal stone deodorant products (though their popularity appears to be growing).  


Adjusting to Natural Deodorant

Be ye warned! You may need to give your poor, chemical-dependent body time to get used to natural deodorant, in which case be prepared to re-apply a few times each day for the first few weeks. Your body may go through a detox period ... you know, kind of like rehab! Which means more odor and sweat than usual. Re-apply whenever you start to stink and you should be good to go! (Don't worry, it's temporary.)

Stay Dry With One Of These!

Don't care about releasing toxins through your sweat? If you want the closest thing to an antiperspirant that is safe and natural, try one of these. Many reviewers say these keep their pits dry AND odor free. 

See these and more on the  Blissful Miss Antiperspirant Guide.



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Why You Can Trust This List




The Environmental Working Group rates products according to their toxicity to the human body. Each Blissful Miss guide begins with products rated safe by EWG. Products are rated 1 through 10, with 1 being the safest.


 natural body lotion reviews


Products are cross-referenced with human reviewers on Amazon, who have tried them, love them and rated them with a super awesome 4 stars or higher. 




Next, products are checked on Fakespot, to ensure that only products with real and honest (not paid for) reviews are recommended here. A Fakespot Grade of "A" is the most trustworthy.

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Here Is The List!

 Stinky pits? Discover the best non-toxic deodorants, aluminum and toxin-free. Rated safe by the Environmental Working Group and reviewed by humans like you. Another great resource from Blissful Miss.






Natural Stick Deodorant

1. Noniko Magic Deodorant Stick

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - B
 Pretty darn trustworthy Amazon reviews


Abracadabra! Noniko Magic Deodorant does a disappearing act on your odor with baking soda (which, by the way does NOT contain aluminum as some people believe ... that's baking powder). Yummy essential oils infuse this well loved natural deodorant with a choice of three pleasant and subtle scents that might even boost your mood.

Be advised, some folks react unfavorably to the baking soda, but this company offers a 100% satisfaction and will happily refund your money for any reason.

Amazon Review Quotes

Noniko totally delivers. After an 8 hour day at the office I am dry and smell, literally, nothing! Not even a hint of odor. The scent is not really lasting or overpowering which I prefer to synthetic fragrances. 
Noniko is by far the best all natural deodorant on the market! It only has a few key ingredients in it and is scented with essential oils instead of artificial crap. I do have to reapply if I'm having a particularly long or stressful day, but that's to be expected since I sweat a lot! In any case, this deodorant is truly magic and keeps me fresher than any other natural product I've tried
This deodorant really works. And no aluminum. I am thrilled to finally have a natural deodorant that lasts and doesn't cause any itching or irritation. I understand some are bothered by the baking soda but fortunately I'm not one of them. And I love that the scent is pleasant yet subtle, and that what I'm smelling is essential oils rather than chemicals. Definitely a winner!

2. Earth Science Natural Deodorant, Tea Tree Lavender

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A
 Super trustworthy Amazon reviews

Control the smellies all day long with Earth Science Tea Tree & Lavender Deodorant. Made with pure tea tree and lavender oils, reviewers love it's lasting effects.

amazon review quotes

At last! A deodorant that lasts for a whole day. I've used it for two weeks. I'm am a Afro American male that works as a mechanic for eight or ten hours a day. Previous sticks never lasted two hours.
This is the only deodorant I've found that is both effective at minimizing stink and doesn't make me itch. I've tried other "holistic" deodorants (even Tom's) and after a couple of days I'm itchin' like a monkey with fleas. The scent is relatively neutral and not overly strong. It would probably be fine for a guy or girl. 
Basically, my BO would win a BO contest, anywhere, anytime ... We all know that deodorants with aluminum oxide work the best, but they also cause global warming, stain your clothes, smell like cheap cologne, contribute to the delinquency of minors, and will basically kill you. So I went with this stuff. It’s remarkable. I have a date this Wednesday (woo hoo!) and I think I’m going to put some on; it’s the polite thing to do. Hope I get lucky.

Natural Roll-On Deodorant

3. Real Purity Roll-On Deodorant

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  Super trustworthy Amazon reviews

Stay Dry Too!

Want to smell nice AND not sweat? Real Purity Roll-On Deodorant might just be your new best friend. Many reviewers say it keeps their pits from sweating at all, some say they sweat "less", and even the sweaty folks rave that they don't stink up the place anymore. I say it's worth a try.

By the way, it's made with the most sensitive skin issues in mind.

amazon review quotes

Finally, a natural deodorant that works at fending off sweat and stink! I've tried every deodorant out there, from aluminum-laced brands to "pure" crystal chunks, and nothing comes close to this. It glides on easily, isn't sticky, dries fasts, smells light but pleasant, and lasts 24+ hours. I'm officially hooked.
Works great on men in the south! I was looking to get away from aluminum (and Potassium Alum) and find a more natural alternative to my deodorant. This stuff is incredible! I wasn't expecting it to also keep me dry but it does - to a degree - if I am slaving away in the yard for hours on end or hitting the gym pretty hard then I will sweat but nothing to the degree of not wearing deodorant AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I don't stink even when I do sweat a little.
Smells nice and light. Works better than any other natural deodorant I've tried. I am a heavy sweater and typically use "clinical strength " type over the counter brands. This has nearly matched it!

Natural Cream Deodorant

4. Purelygreat Cream Deodorant Lavender for Women

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A
 Super trustworthy Amazon reviews

Let your pits breath, keep your lymph nodes healthy, and release toxins with this yummy lavender scented deodorant "cream". Purelygreat Women's Lavender Deodorant is full of anti-bacterial essential oils that not only deodorize, but balance hormones too. Wow. Who knew a deodorant could do all that?!

Review Quotes

After being disappointed by all the aluminum-free deodorants I tried, I was very skeptical, but wanted to give it a try. This deodorant works even better than my aluminum one. It lasts more than 24 hours.
Stunned. I've never written a review before, but I was so awed by the deodorant I had to. I have tried about a gazillion natural deodorants, which never worked very well. This simple stuff is wondrous; I can go the next day without even re-applying. Unheard of.
This is an excellent choice for a personal care product. Easy to use, with long lasting protection and the lavender smells delicious.

5. Purely Great Cream Deodorant - Unscented

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A
 Super trustworthy Amazon reviews

Save the boobs! This unscented version of Purely Great Deodorant donates 10% of all profits to Give Pink, in support of breast cancer research. So, if you're a woman, save your boobs by using it, and someone else's too! And if you're a dude ... well you won't be growing any man boobs with this or any product on this list. Whew! Can I get an amen to that?

Amazon Review Quotes

I have tried to find a natural deodorant for a while now and even have made my own. I live in a hot and very humid place and this works great! I even do crossfit and this stuff keeps me from stinking! I have been so impressed. This is my new favorite!
This deodorant is awesome!! It is totally worth the higher price tag than traditional products. It's a little sticky but you won't even notice after a few days. Works through exercise sessions and hot summer days with no problem.
This stuff is amazing! I was very skeptical at first, but it really does work. I usually put it on at night after showering and then go to the gym in the morning without re-applying. Even though I sweat a lot at the gym, my pits do not smell at all afterwards. It's also extremely mild and perfect for sensitive skin. My previous deodorant was causing irritation and a rash, which is why I switched. The irritation and redness from Right Guard has completely gone away with this deodorant. Will definitely buy again.

6. Oyin Handmade Funk Butter - Unscented

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  Super trustworthy Amazon reviews

*Unscented is the ONLY version rated 1 by EWG (others rated 3)

Stay Dry Too!

Only a pea size amount of Oyin Handmade Funk Butter goes a long way toward both odor control AND sweaty pits. Baking soda takes care of the smellies while vegetable powders and Kaolin clay work to absorb your sweat. Awesome! (Unless you appreciate the health benefits of sweating, that is.)

Be advised this MAY cause irritation for those with sensitive skin, but applying freshly out of the shower may help, and/or mixing a bit of water with the cream before applying. Also try layering over some body oil. Spread gently and don't "rub in".

Amazon Review Quotes

This stuff is incredible, every time I use it I am just shocked at how good of a job this deodorant does and how terrible all of the deodorants I've used in the past have been! Not only does it mask any odors your body might try to put out but it also seems to prevent excess sweat, and you hardly need a pea sized amount to do it!
Because Funk Butter has ingredients that absorb and seemingly wick moisture - my sweating has been reduced by at least 50-75%!!! Whaaaat? They don't even advertise it as an antiperspirant!  I can't say it stops it 100%, but honestly has there ever been a deodorant or antiperspirant that does?
Yes, it is weird that you have to apply with your fingers, but it works. So far, all the natural deodorants that I have tried either keep me dry, but let me stink, or take care of the stink, but leave me sweaty. This one takes care of both. I do have to reapply mid-day if I am having a very active day though. 

7. Mary Ann's Naturals Deodorant, Light Citrus

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  Super trustworthy Amazon reviews

Be all smelly good with this light citrus essential oil fragrance. (Emphasis on the "light" part. You won't walk around smelling like an orange!) Reviewers totally dig it. But they mostly dig the fact that this baking-soda based deodorant works so dog on well. 

Amazon Review Quotes

I have tried so many "natural" deodorants and have thrown all them away, because they either DID NOT WORK or they were so dry it was painful applying it! This deodorant amazes me! Nice light essential oil fragrance, and it comes with a handy little applicator to apply the deodorant. Best works! I don't stink!!!
I have been using this product for a few weeks now and it outperforms and works very effectively against body odor compared to any other natural deodorants I have used over the last several years. I am able to go all day without feeling the need to reapply, and I was not able to do that with other natural deodorants. 
This is my third reorder and I love this product! Even during then hottest of summer days it works. I have tried other products that are organically and naturally based but they feel far short in the "odor" deterrent category ... Great price too as the jar lasts about 6 months.

Natural Spray Deodorant

8. 3rd Rock Deodorant Spray

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A
 Super trustworthy Amazon reviews

This bottle of 3rd Rock Deodorant Spray is great for home as well as taking with you on the go. It has no fragrance and contains Silver Chelated Oxide to kill bacteria before it has a chance to make you smell.

Amazon Review Quotes

Can't believe I finally found a natural deodorant that works on my stinky husband. We've tried primal paste among many others, & none of them have worked. I could still smell him from a mile away. Finally, this one works!
3rd Rock ODORBlockTM is very effective in fighting bad odors, eliminating bacteria, and don't leave any kind of stains in clothes as other traditional deodorants do. Product is very clean, transparent, soothing & moisturizing. Also containing natural ingredients such as: distilled water, Jojoba Oil, Aloe...
Was pleasantly surprised with the way this product performed. Virtually odorless and goes on clean. The spray nozzle is very direct and is delivered without a messy runoff.

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 Stinky pits? Discover the best non-toxic deodorants, aluminum and toxin-free. Rated safe by the Environmental Working Group and reviewed by humans like you. Another great resource from Blissful Miss.

EWG Is Doctor Recommended

Dr. OzDr. Axe and Dr. Mercola all recommend The Environmental Working Group as a great resource for finding safe products like your new favorite body wash. And they're doctors and all!

So discover your bliss with safe and totally bomb products, live well, and be fabulous!  


The safety of products suggested by Blissful Miss is based on the Environmental Working Group rating system. This is not to say that every ingredient in and of itself is considered 100% safe, but combined with several other non-toxic ingredients, that product receives a high rating by EWG. Any product on this list can be researched on the EWG Skin Deep Database for specific details of how each ingredient is rated and what the known concerns are, if any.

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