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Awesome Natural Sunscreen Does Exist!

I wasn't so sure, myself, after my first go at lengthy research and way too much money spent on natural sunscreen.

I hated it.

Never used it.

Nor did any of my family members.

Which is what ultimately led me to research and create this Holy Grail of Natural Sunscreens as a gift for all of mankind. (Followed by all the other "Holy Grail" Blissful Miss Natural Product Guides.)

You don't have to go through what I did. Not ever again, anyway.

You're totally welcome!


Don't Avoid Skin Cancer by Giving Yourself Other Kinds of Cancer from your Toxic Sunscreen

Why You Need a Safe Sunscreen

You may not know that traditional, chemical-laden sunscreens cause more cancer than the sun itself. Just different kinds. The sun is actually your friend. Proper exposure causes your body to produce Vitamin D, a hormone (yeah, not actually a vitamin) that most folks are far depleted in, resulting in a massive array of health problems. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a link to more info on the importance of Vitamin D and "proper" sun exposure. Having said that, we do still need protection from extended periods in the sun. Hence this Natural Sunscreen Guide.

Why Many Mineral Sunscreens Are So White

Zinc and titanium oxide are the ingredients that make natural sunscreens white and generally thicker than most chemical laden brands. However, many companies have come a long way developing non-toxic sunscreens that consumers are quite happy with, but do expect to do a little extra rubbing to blend any brand of natural sunscreen into your skin.

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 Seriously? Sunscreen that won’t give you cancer OR leave you all white and pasty? SERIOUSLY! Don’t waste your money and definitely don't risk your health. This Easy Reference Guide will lead you straight to your new favorite sunblock. Boom! Done. Yet another fantabulous product guide from Blissful Miss.


Blissful Miss Makes It Ridiculously Easy

You don't have to memorize lists of toxic ingredients. You don't need to research for hours. 

Quickly and easily find a safe & natural sunscreen that you'll agree is as awesome as the many people who have reviewed it. It’s easier than you think, because Blissful Miss has done the research for you. 

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Why You Can Trust This List




The Environmental Working Group rates products according to their toxicity to the human body. Each Blissful Miss guide begins with products rated safe by EWG. Products are rated 1 through 10, with 1 being the safest.


 natural body lotion reviews


Products are cross-referenced with human reviewers on Amazon, who have tried them, love them and rated them with a super awesome 4 stars or higher. 




Next, products are checked on Fakespot as well, to ensure that only products with real and honest (not paid for) reviews are recommended here. A Fakespot Grade of "A" is the most trustworthy.

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Here Is The List!

 Best Natural Sunscreen Guide: EWG Safe & Reviews | Blissful Miss

Sunscreen Categories

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All Purpose Sunscreen

Many reviewers use these on both their Body & Face (even those with sensitive skin)

1. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen - Sensitive & Baby

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - B
SPF 30 - UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum


  1. Blue Lizard Sensitive (Amazon Link)
  2. Blue Lizard Baby (Amazon Link)

G'day mate! Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen is all the rage with baby's and adults alike! While not advertised as water resistant, many people say it works well in the water. (Test the water resistance out for yourself and use with caution.) 

Check the super cool "Smart Bottle" feature! The bottle actually lets you know when harmful UV rays are present. The deeper the BLUE (Sensitive) or PINK (Baby), the more UV rays there are. How seriously cool is that?

  • Use "Sensitive" or "Baby" interchangeably (Same Formulation)
  • "Smart Bottle" changes color to let you know UV rays are present
  • Use on Both Face and Body
  • Blends in nicely
  • A little goes a loooong way
  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Reviewers report good Water Resistance (though not advertised as such)

Amazon Review Quotes

One of the best sunscreens I've tried yet! Goes on easy and not stiff or oily. Use it on my face as well and no break outs. As with most sunscreens, you have to reapply but this one seems to stay on longer. No harsh fragrance. My boys love it. And for my sensitive skin daughter-in-law, she has no problem at all. We also live in Hawaii so an excellent sunscreen is a must!
This sunscreen is awesome. We used it today for the first time on our 19 month old son. He has super sensitive skin and we cannot use anything with scent, dyes or harsh chemicals or he breaks out in a deep red rash. He also has eczema. We went to a fair today and we're out in 80+ degree afternoon sun for 3 hours. The Blue Lizard worked like a charm. His skin was perfect. When we got in the car there was no redness, no rash, no sunburn. The consistency is thick, a little goes a long way. It goes on very white but rubs in and disappears nicely. There is no scent and no gritty or greasy feel on the skin after applied which is also great. All in all I give it a 100 percent!
We used this on a trip to Hawaii. Hours on the beach and no sunburn! This is good stuff. EWG gave this a good rating as it has very few dangerous chemicals in it. I have used other natural and zinc based sunscreens before, but they were thicker and left me looking like a ghost. This went on smooth and with a little bit of rubbing blends in well. The protection was great. Held up to water pretty well.

2. ThinkSport, ThinkBaby & ThinkSport Kid Sunscreen

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 50+ -  UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum


One of the first and most popular natural sunscreens out there, Thinksport has a long reputation of satisfied users. Originally developed with sweaty “sports" people in mind (ThinkSport ... get it?!) ... so it works great beneath the sweat of land sports folk, as well as the “wet" of aquatic sports folk. Not to mention the safe protection it provides for baby’s sensitive skin and the sun exposed skin of all mankind.

  • Pleasant Citrusy Scent
  • Blends in for a "no ghost" affect ... Nice!
  • Non greasy-icky
  • Baby, Kid & Adult Safe
  • No Nanoparticles
  • Water & Sweat Resistant - 80 Minutes

Quote from Thinksport on Formulations

"The base formulations of our sunscreens are identical. We set out to make the most effective safe sunscreen possible. It didn’t make sense to make one safe for babies, and a harmful version for adults."

Amazon Review Quotes

Best sunscreen I've ever used. Works flawlessly every time, even after hiking several hours in full sun and sweat in desert heat and sand! 
I have tried about every sunscreen on my children that the EWG has rated a one and this is the winner! I love this sunscreen and tell everyone, especially mothers about it. I will never change my sunscreen again. It smells nice, it's thinner than the other non-nano zinc oxide formulas, easy to apply and rubs into the skin great. We have fair Irish skin and have used this during peak sun hours in the Outer Banks of NC and no sunburn. I promise you, if you have been looking for a healthy non-toxic sunscreen you will not look any further than Thinksport.
This stuff is absolutely amazing ... At first, I bought it specifically for our youngest when she was a baby. Now we all use it though! My youngest has been in the sun for hours with her fair skin and has never had even as much as a hint of a sunburn. It smells nice, isn't too greasy and works better than anything I've ever seen. I grew up in Arizona and am a redhead. Trust me, you need this!

3. Burn Out Kids Sunscreen SPF 35

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 35 - UVA/UVBBroad Spectrum

Infuse your skin with Antioxidants, nourish it with Extracts of Helionori, Pomegranate and Plantain, while protecting from UV rays. Goes on smooth, protects for hours and is super great for sensitive skin types.

  • Fragrance Free
  • Marketed for Kids ... Great for Everyone
  • Antioxidants & Skin Enriching Extracts
  • Goes on Smooth
  • Lasts for Hours

*NOT Marketed as Water Resistant, but many reviewers experience “pretty good” water resistance.

Amazon Review Quotes

The only sunblock on the market we can apply to our youngest with lots of allergies. We love this product. We have been applying to our girls every summer for 4 years. Never had a sunburn.
This is our favorite sunscreen, and I've tried over 8 different brands, all zinc oxide based. It goes on smoothly and easily, there's no offending odor, and it protects for hours! My son has eczema, and it works for him. The price point is decent too.
This is the ONLY super, ultra clean, healthy, natural sunblock out there for kids (and adults!) as far as I'm concerned, as it's the only one that A.) Doesn't make my child look like a ghost, a combat warrior or a science experiment B.) Doesn't flake, crumble or make my child (or myself) scream bloody murder when it gets near the eyes C.) Lasts for several hours and is D.) Pretty darn waterproof while D.) Not staining clothes and comes out easily and E.) Isn't thick like plumber's caulking putty or require kneading, warming up with the hands or other such nonsense, nor does it F.) Liquify in heat or squirt out to become a paintball substitute for unruly toddlers. If, God forbid, this company ever goes out of business, it will all be over for my family, as our SPF life depends on it! ... Your sunblock neuroses days are over. This Is The Stuff.

NOTE About Negative Review

There is a negative review on Amazon claiming that the formula changed and while it used to be the best natural sunscreen on the market, it is now awful. I spoke to a Burnout representative who states that the Kid Safe formula has not changed. However, the Burnout Ocean Tested formula did change. The same negative review, word for word, is also found on the Ocean Tested page, so that review was not intended for this product.

4. Adorable Baby Sunscreen SPF 30+

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 47 - UVA/UVBBroad Spectrum

Another “what’s good for baby is good for you too”. This unscented sunscreen goes on smooth, is not sticky, dries clear, protects for hours, is water resistant and pretty darn liked by mom’s and random adult types who use this for themselves.

  • Moisturizing
  • Dries clear
  • Not sticky-icky
  • Fragrance Free
  • Water & Sweat Resistant - 40 Minutes

Amazon Review Quotes

This was rated VERY high by the EWG for protection of both UVA and UVB rays and very low toxicity. So, I decided to try it for our toddler. It goes on well and he's never gotten a sunburn, even when we've been out for hours. There is no scent, which is a good thing. I'm so glad we found this!
This sunscreen is wonderful. It leaves my baby's skin nice and hydrated. It does leave the skin a little shiny, similar to applying a lightweight oil to the skin, however i didn't mind that at all. It's not sticky and it doesn't have a bad scent. My baby is African American and this does not leave her skin looking greyish. I highly recommend this product.
Purchased due to safe ingredients. Spreads on much easier than other safe brands and dries clearer. I tried several organic and ingredient safe brands and this was the only one my son didn't have a skin reaction to. ... Used with 1 and 3 year old everyday this past summer, was fine while playing in water and outside for hours at a time. Highly recommend trying.

5. Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen SPF 50

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 50 -  UVA/UVBBroad Spectrum

The family that hangs out in the sun together uses Neutrogena Pure & Free Sunscreen together. For both face and body, whether your running a marathon or swimming, the Tear-Free formula will keep the sting out of your eyes AND the burn off your skin. Nice!

  • Face & Body
  • Great for sensitive skin, including acne and rosacea prone
  • Won't clog your pores
  • Tear Free ... so no stingy crying
  • Nation Eczema Association seal of approval
  • Silky smooth
  • Blends quickly
  • Water & Sweat Resistant - 80 Minutes

Amazon Review Quotes

The whole family uses this as a facial sunscreen and it's the only one we use. I have sensitive skin that's easily irritated. This protects from sun damage and is gentle enough to use on very sensitive baby skin.

This stuff works. We've been using it all summer when we go swimming. My one year old is still as pale as paper, but since I forgot to put sunscreen on myself last time, I am red as a lobster. We got the same amount of sun, but he was protected by this sunscreen.

My skin is oily so don't like to use sunscreen that clogs my pores, thankfully this stuff works great and doesn't make me break out. Would recommend. 5 stars!

6. MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème Sunscreen SPF 50

EWG Rating - 1
Fakespot Grade - A
 Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 50 -  UVA/UVBBroad Spectrum

If you’re looking for a “feel good & moisturizing sunscreen”, especially for your face, then MDSolarSciences might just be your new best friend. Reviewers just love how it feels on their skin, how it moisturizes while also protecting. Some women use it under their makeup and say it has a lovely matte finish. No shiny oiliness here. It’s a bit pricey, but one reviewer who uses it only on their face says it lasts them 10 months.

  • Feels SO GOOD on the skin
  • Moisturizes while it protects
  • For both Face & Body (especially popular for the face)
  • Wear under makeup
  • Matte finish ... not icky oily
  • Water & Sweat Resistant - 80 Minutes

Amazon Review Quotes

This is the best by far, not only a facial sunscreen but also moisturizer for under make-up. I have tan skin and did not find it ghostly as one reviewer put it. I use retin-a which makes my skin extremely sensitive. I have had problems finding a sunscreen or even moisturizer for that matter that does not feel like it is burning my face off, even ones made for sensitive skin. This has no sting what so ever, which is just amazing to me. I cannot recommend this enough - I just love the way it feels on my skin. I will never use anything else.
I love the texture of this sunblock. It applies easily and it gives my skin a lovely, matte finish rather than the shiny look that many other facial sunblocks I've tried have. I'm fairly pale, so I don't notice any whitish residue while applying. I only use it for my face, and the 1.7 oz size lasted about 10 months for me.
I am an original So-Cal beach bum with lots of skin cancer. I had a Mohs Surgery a few years ago on my face and it opened my eyes! I have tried several sunscreens and I recently found this MD Solar Sciences product through a backpacking article. I LOVE IT! The feeling is wonderful. It leaves my skin moisturized and completely protected. This has been the BEST Sunscreen I have used in years.

7. Cotz Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 40

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 40 - UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum

Cotz ... “The Healthier Sunscreen” … is the bomb for both Face and Body. Try it as a primer under your makeup. Reviewers love the non-greasy matte finish, say it goes on smooooth and blends into skin nicely.

  • Use Cotz "Sensitive" and "Pediatrics" Interchangeably (Same Formulation)
  • Excellent for Face (and Body too, of course)
  • Try as a Primer under Makeup
  • Matte finish (not oily slimey)
  • Blends in nicely
  • Water & Sweat Resistant - 40 Minutes


SAFE FORMULATIONS (Same Ingredients)

Review Quotes

I am someone who uses a lot of skincare, but I have oily sensitive skin. In the past it was hard for me to find a sunscreen strong enough to make me happy without being too greasy while also being cruelty free, but this sunscreen is all that! It is an SPF 40 which is certainly strong enough for every day use and it applies nicely and evenly onto my skin overtop of my morning routine serums. It also has a mattifying effect on my skin, which I appreciate a lot! The final touch, which is why I gave this 5 stars, is it sits perfectly beneath powder foundation. The powder simply sits on top as if it had been applied directly to my skin! No white cast, no grease, it was as if the sunscreen wasn't there.
I love this sunscreen. It has worked well on my face, which tends to flush easily due to sensitivity and slight rosacea. Has not irritated my skin or eyes at all. Easily blends in. No burn and I've spent time in the sun. So far this summer, it has done what it claims.
I am a sunscreen fanatic! Always researching, Melanoma survivor. This is a fantastic sunscreen. All physical, no chemical ... It goes on smooth, acts as the perfect primer if you need more coverage but I use it as my makeup and just add blush.. etc. this is the best sunscreen I have found.

8. Sunology Kid's Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50


EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 50 UVA/UVBBroad Spectrum


Tap into the healing and moisturizing benefits of Moringa Oil. Protect both young and old skin, ward off eczema flare ups, and get superior sun protection.

  • Healing and Moisturizing goodness of Moringa Oil 
  • Blends well
  • Excellent sun protection
  • Won’t burn or sting your eyes
  • Use Sunology "Kids" and "Body" interchangably (Same Formula)
  • Water & Sweat Resistant up to 80 Minutes

Amazon Review Quotes

Best experience I've ever had with sunscreen. I originally bought this because my 5 would break out with mild eczema every summer and I read that the popular brands I was using could be the cause. We spent 3 weeks at the beach with many hours in the sun nearly every day. He is very fair ... He never got the slightest sunburn and zero eczema breakouts- he actually has a bit of a tan! My fair skinned family visited a couple of days and they all slathered in the popular big box brands and all burned on a day they spent 4 hours at the beach with my son. I love this sunscreen and highly recommend.
I love this product. i am a huge Sunology fan. I started by using the face sunscreen on myself and then recently started using the kid's sunscreen for my children. I love how it goes on thick so that you can easily see where you have applied the sunscreen but rubs in easily and doesn't leave them greasy.
I purchased this months ago. My skin and eyes are super sensitive to most normal Sunscreens. I was looking for a more natural clean sunscreen that I could use on myself and my 5 year old son (who has super sensitive skin too). We loved it! No burning eyes or irritated skin and I will definitely be ordering this again! I highly recommend this product!

9. TruKids Sport Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 30 UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum

Created by a mother of 6, get out and play … in the pool even … while trusting you and your kiddos are protected naturally.   TruKids smells great, applies easily and provides great sun protection.

  • Voted “Most Awesome” sunscreen by Red Tricycle
  • Eczema safe
  • Great for all Mankind (not just kids!)
  • Won't sting your eyes
  • Water & Sweat Resistant up to 80 Minutes

Amazon Review Quotes

I love this brand. This is the first year I've bought the Sport version, as it claims more water resistance. We've just tried it out at the pool and my kids came away unburned. Proper application and reapplication is key with ANY sunscreen ... It is thick, which I appreciate, because I know if I've missed spots ... Knowing this is rated a 1 on EWG brings me piece of mind, while also being assured it's providing excellent sun protection for my children.
I was hesitant to spend a lot on sunscreen, but this stuff is worth it. It doesn't sting your eyes and feels good enough to leave on all day. We've used it at the beach and all around Arizona with no sunburns. I started using it on my face as well as on my toddler. :)
Works fine for my baby boy. He has sensitive skin, but had no reaction to this lotion. The lotion is fairly thick, but easy enough to apply. Worked fine in the outdoor pool on a sunny day - no sunburns, no redness.

10. Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 50

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 30 UVA/UVBBroad Spectrum

Lock in moisture while protecting even the most sensitive of baby and adult skin alike. “As mild as water on skin”. Doesn’t get more gentle than that! Most importantly, it works.

  • Non-Greasy
  • Blends in nicely
  • Tear Free, no sting formula
  • Water and Sweat Resistant - 80 Minutes

Amazon Review Quotes

My kids have terrible eczema and sunscreen is a major trigger. This stuff is great for their skin and protection from the sun!
I have always bought Aveeno Baby sunscreen for my two kids now 3 and 1. We always got the 55 version that had the chemical sunscreens. I was excited when I saw the same sunscreen now available as a physical barrier (zinc oxide) instead of the chemicals. It feels a bit safer especially for little kids. I have tried zinc based sunscreens before though and they always leave a white residue and seem to wash off a bit too easy. So imagine my surprise when I tried this. It instantly and just as quickly (more quickly?) rubbed in and left no residue at all. I could feel where I had applied it and it offers the same water/sweat resistance as the chemical version. 
Wonderful product for someone suffering from sun sensitivity. I've had many years of rashes and itching when going on vacation to the beach. After doing some research I decided to try mineral sunscreen. This product did not disappoint. For anyone concerned with sun exposure, this is a great product. It completely protects against the sun ... boy, does this work!!! I am so happy I tried this product. It stays on and doesn't get rubbed off after swimming in the ocean. It provides incredible protection against the sun. Also Zinc is known to calm skin, so it plays a double role in preventing irritation and itching. For the first time in about 10 years, I had no rashes or itching when coming back from a beach vacation.


Face Specific Sunscreen

These sunscreens were formulated with your beautiful face in mind!

Just know that a plethora of sensitive skin types are happy with many of the above "All Purpose Sunscreens" 

11. Badger Sport Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 35

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 35 UVA/UVBBroad Spectrum

Easily apply this to your face, lips, nose, ears … and kids! The stick makes it handy to stash in your pocket, purse, backpack, etc … and provides quick no-fuss, no-muss application. Even on the little ones (maybe “especially" on the little ones!). This balm based sunscreen is made of only Certified Organic plant oils and beeswax. And it’s uber moisturizing and soothing from the Vitamin E, Olive Oil & Shea Butter. Ahhhh!!!

  • Awesome protection from sun, windburn & chapping
  • Great for both Water and Winter Sports
  • Soothes 
  • Heals
  • Moisturizes
  • Easy Stick Application
  • Easy to take with you
  • Easy to apply on Kiddos
  • Reef Safe and Biodegradable
  • Water & Sweat Resistant - 80 Minutes

Amazon Review Quotes

I absolutely love this stick!!
A friend recommended this product to me and I was a little hesitant because most stick sunscreens are very thick and pasty. Making it very hard to spread it out and leaves a stripes of white everywhere. This stick does not. When first opening the stick I tried it on my forearm and I was pleasantly surprised with how easily it spread and how soft it left my skin. More importantly when I tried this on my 2 year old I was able to apply it before she had a chance to run away. Very little fuss. I'm very happy with it and keep it in my purse for those sunscreen emergencies.
Virtually scentless (very subtle sweet smell)
Clean semi-chalky application.
I recommend this product for summer urban walking, hiking and the ski-slope. It's lighter to pack for hikers (like myself) than a bottle of sunblock easily popped into a pocket. The stick applicator is handy and well designed - with a twist to push design (similar to deodorant sticks).
Much less sloppy than lotion sunblocks.
I have found no short comings with the Badger Face Stick.
Handy easy to use sun protection. Two thumbs up!
I use this on my face when I am outside doing fieldwork. I typically work outside for longer than eight hours on field days and needed a mineral sunscreen that was easy to apply to the face. I can't use the chemical sunscreens because they burn my skin. This is very portable and I can keep one in my cargo pocket for when I need to reapply. I have been using this product since I first found it due to the excellent ingredients and great portability. When rubbed in properly you can barely see it even though it is mineral, so that is also a plus, although for me I am more concerned about the actual effectiveness of the product. This product is very effective at protecting my skin from sunburn ... It is thinner and easier to apply than many of the tube type mineral sunscreens I have used in the past ... One tube lasts quite a while even with regular use. Basically, I totally love this product.

Also check out Badger Kids Sport Sunscreen Stick with a yummy Tangerine & Vanilla scent!
(Rated EWG 1 and loved by reviewers)

12. Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Face Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 50

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - B

SPF 50 UVA/UVBBroad Spectrum

A little goes a long way with Neutrogena Sheer Zinc. Don’t use too much or you’ll be all Zombie like. Try this as a makeup primer and you may never go back to your former brand of “actual” primer. This doesn’t leave an oily residue, it won’t burn your eyes and, oh yeah, it won’t let you burn from the sun!

  • Great as a Makeup Primer 
  • Blends in nicely (if you don’t over use)
  • A little goes a LOOOONG way
  • No Oily Residue
  • It won’t burn your eyes when you sweat, swim or cry (Happy tears, only. Right?!)
  • National Eczema Association Seal
  • Water & Sweat Resistant - 80 Minutes

Amazon Review Quotes

This is the only sunscreen I've been able to actually make a habit of wearing every day ... it is fantastic as a primer before my makeup ... It actually works way better as a primer than any other primer I've used! My skin looks really great, is not oily, doesn't smell like sunscreen, and is protected! I am a very happy customer!
My wife and I used this product as our chief sunscreen on a recent 35 day self drive through Botswana and Namibia. This product performed extremely well. Especially surprising was that it could blend into your skin tone pretty quickly and did not leave much of a whitish tone on your skin. Also did not leave any oily residue. Was also highly effective.
Alright so at first I hated this sun screen because I was simply using it wrong. I was using way too much for this product--I was using about how much I would use with regular sunscreen. Well this isn't like regular sun screen. A little goes a LONG way! I'm a swim instructor so ss is vital for me. This also doesn't burn my eyes when I sweat ... I have another neutrogena break-out free sunscreen that does burn my eyes .... So this is really great stuff. So glad I bought this.

13. Sunology Natural Face Sunscreen SPF 50

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 50 - UVA/UVBBroad Spectrum

Infused with antioxidants and the Anti-Aging properties of natural oils ... like Moringa OIl with its awesome healing properties for stuff like acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. 

  • Anti-Aging  
  • Skin Healing
  • Blends in Sheer
  • Won’t Burn or Sting your Eyeballs!
  • Reef Safe
  • Water & Sweat Resistant - 80 Minutes

Amazon Review Quotes

Have been using Sunology for about two years. I have Rosacea, and sun exposure is a trigger so I use sunscreen on my face every day. I've tried several brands and Sunology has offered the best sun protection without negative side affects. (No Stinging, burning, break-outs) Sunology is easy to apply evenly and makes a great foundation for powder make up. Love that it is fragrance free and appears sheer after applied.
Bought this for our trip to Playa Del Carman, to protect our fair Portland skin from the strong sun of Mexico. We were out in the ocean and walking outside all day everyday for a week with no burns, and a very slight tan. This sunblock gives excellent sun/uv protection. It does take a while to work it into the skin and shows white where it is not worked in. Absolutely no sun damage to my face during our vacation thanks to this sunblock.
This is the only sunscreen I've found that really works. When I ran out if it and went back to my old routine, my skin started getting burnt, spotty, and looking haggard. I love this sunscreen because it really protects. I know when I'm wearing it that I don't have to worry about harmful rays giving me skin cancer, or ugly sun spots aging my skin. I never have to worry about putting bad chemicals all over my face and body, too, as it's all natural and paraben and oxybenzone free. I live in Hawaii and take ocean life very seriously, and this sunscreen doesn't kill out already fragile reefs.

14. All Good Organic Sunscreen Butter

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 50 - UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum

Just 5 ingredients here … this sunscreen “Butter” is simple, pure and effective. Made with extreme environments in mind, so totally excellent for everything from that high-heat hike, to getting some wicked air on the blizzardy snowboarding pike … or a random family day to Disneyland. Woot woot! Reviewers love the easy to carry tin, so grab it and get out there, people!

  • Ideal for Face, Nose, Ears and more
  • Made with extreme environments in mind
  • Easy to cary tin
  • Butter like consistency
  • A little goes a loooong way
  • Water & Sweat Resistant - 80 Minutes

Amazon Review Quotes

All Good Sunscreen Butter is more paste-like than traditional sunscreen lotions. Its density is a big plus, particularly in aquatic settings or when actively sweating. I love its high SPF and broad spectrum protection. Unlike most sunscreens, AG Sunscreen Butter has a relatively high zinc oxide content, @25% by volume. It's worked well on my trail outings because its convenient to carry in a pocket. I find it's best suited for covering my face, ears and neck. I prefer to cover up as much as possible with clothing than apply sunscreen, but All Good Sunscreen Butter is not choked with innumerable ingredients you can't name or recognize. It's not inexpensive, but it provides a measure of insurance against the sun's damaging UV rays.
Great texture - like a really thick body butter/salve. A little goes a long way - good thing because the container is tiny! Easy to spread so it is great for my toddlers face. Easy to rub in so it becomes clear.
I have very sensitive skin and cannot use anything but Zinc or Titanium sunscreen. I am also sensitive to the sun so must use sunscreen. This was much easier to use than I thought, it begins solid but warms up well for application and spreads easily. Like all zinc sunscreen, it leaves a whitish hue but does its job. The small tin is great for just slipping in a pocket or purse to have sunscreen ready just in case. 


Tinted Sunscreen

Ideal for Face
Evens Out Skin Tone

Great Option for Guys . . . or Gals who don’t want to wear Makeup

15. MDSolarSciences Mineral Tinted Creme Sunscreen SPF 30

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 30 UVA/UVBBroad Spectrum

Even out your skin tone while protecting it from harmful rays. Great under makeup or alone. The “alone” part is especially appealing to the dudes. Antioxidants heal and nourish skin, and it’s even water resistant.

  • Universally Flattering Tint
  • Wear Alone or Under Makeup
  • Great for Guys to even out skin tone without makeup
  • Silky Smooooth Texture 
  • Won't clog up your pores
  • Infuse your skin with Antioxidants ... Vitamin C, Green Tea, Cranberry and Pomegranate extracts
  • Fragrance Free
  • Water & Sweat Resistant - 80 Minutes

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I never leave reviews, but I love this stuff. I have rosacea and have to wear sunscreen on my face every day. I've tried numerous brands and this is the best. It doesn't cover up the redness, but it makes it less noticeable. More importantly to me though, it doesn't make my face break out, and it doesn't make me look like I have a mask on. It has a slight matt texture once I apply it, which is wonderful. All the other brands I've tried have left my face looking greasy or plasticky.
I have a lot of freckles and living on a tropical island doesn't make it any better! I have been in the hunt for the perfect sunscreen and after going through all the class 1 rated products on EWG website, I decided to give the MD Solar a try, mainly because of the % of high zinc oxide it contains and the fact that I comes tinted. Absolutely love it, no oily or chalky face.
I had never used a tinted sunscreen before and I'm not sure what I expected, but it certainly worked well for it's primary function and I actually did look a little tanner with smoother skin after application. As a guy, I'm guessing this might be analogous to wearing some light makeup, which is not something I would have ever thought to do, but it was alright I guess. Only warning is that if you're wearing white clothing and it touches your face, it can stain it.

16. Raw Elements Sunscreen Eco Tint Stick SPF 30

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 30 UVA/UVBBroad Spectrum

Get your Sun-Kissed Glow on with Raw Elements Eco Tint Stick. Surfers dig it and say it lasts longer than the advertised  80 minutes. Easy on-the-go "stick" application for both you and kiddos. It’s biodegradable, moisturizing, reef safe and non-migrating. Reviewers really can’t say enough about their love for this stuff.

  • Tint evens out skin tone for a Sun-Kissed Glow
  • Ideal for Face
  • Easy "Stick" Application
  • No Running into or Stinging of the Eyes
  • Moisturizing
  • Biodegradable
  • Non GMO project verified
  • Leaping Bunny Certified
  • Water & Sweat Resistant - 80 Minutes

Amazon Review Quotes

My search is over! This is the best sunscreen I have ever used, and as a survivor of melanoma and basal cell, I have used just about everything over the years. Raw Elements Eco Tint not only gives my very fair skin super protection, it is the only tinted sunscreen I have found that actually gives my skin a lovely, natural glow. Not chalky at all, no white residue, just a sun-kissed look that makes my skin look healthy and slightly tan. I agree with some commenters here that it does feel a bit tacky at first swipe, but I find if I apply to the backs of my hands first, it warms the product up enough to ensure easy and fast application .... It has taken the place of any other make-up, and I've given it to several sun-sensitive friends as a gift and they have all become repeat purchasers too. Easy to carry along. The ingredients read like a food list, so I even use it on my lips. My friends use it on their kids for no-fuss, on-the-go application. Just can't say enough good things about Raw Elements Tinted! And if you care about these things, (I do), it is top-rated by EWG!
What I have been looking for in a sunscreen! I wanted a chemical free sunscreen that also gave me some coverage! This does just that! On days I don't feel like wearing make up this is my go to! I usually wear ivory/beige colored foundation and this works for my fair skin ... My favorite part is I can an pronounce the ingredients and I know what's going on my skin!
I surf in Hawaii and this is perfect for keeping me in the water for as long as I want without getting burned. It's tinted so I don't look like the phantom of the opera, which is positive. I can only surf for about 1.5 hours with rub in sunscreen but I've been out 3+ without issues and I'm pretty white. Also, this doesn't make me break out like every other product. I'm a lifetime customer for sure.

17. Waxhead Tinted Sunscreen Sunscreen SPF 31

EWG - 1
Fakespot Grade - A  
Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
SPF 30 UVA/UVBBroad Spectrum

Specifically formulated for use with active water sports, so grab your surf board and your Waxhead and head for the beach! Many reviewers love that they can wear this without a moisturizer OR makeup foundation (just be careful not to stain your clothes). Gives a dewy, not greasy, look to your skin.

  • Tint evens out skin tone
  • Ideal for the Face
  • Moisturizes
  • Specifically optimized for Aquatic Sports 
  • Water & Sweat Resistant - 80 Minutes

Amazon Review Quotes

Wow, what an awesome sunscreen!! I don't even need to use makeup with this sunscreen - the tint is just perfect for my skin tone. I'm really blown away that this organic sunscreen can protect your skin from the affects of the damaging sun, yet adds such a beautiful glow with great coverage. My usual routine was to put a lotion on my skin before I added my makeup; now I don't need to do either of those things - I just put this sunscreen on and I'm good to go!
I just got back from Maui and used the Waxhead tinted Zinc Oxide Sunscreen the entire time and absolutely loved it!! It really served well as not only a sunscreen but as a foundation base as well. Highly recommend this product!!
Great sunscreen! I love the way that it covers with a light tint so I don't have to use foundation. After applying my face looks dewy not greasy. It's important to shake the product before applying though.

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