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Why You Should Avoid Fluoride & triclosan


If you're like me, you've been brainwashed since you were a kid into believing fluoride is an essential component to dental health, when in reality it adds little, if any, benefit to your teeth. And while more people in the US drink fluoridated water than the rest of the world combined, Americans don't have any less tooth decay than folks in non-flouridated countries.

The following health concerns listed on Dr. Mercola's website are enough to keep me running and screaming from fluoride:

  • Brain damage

  • Tumors

  • Cancer

  • Immune system disruptor

  • Thyroid disorder

  • Arthritis

  • Dementia

  • Lethargy

  • Increased lead absorption

  • Muscle disorders

  • Bone fractures

  • Infertility

  • Genetic damage and cell death


Triclosan was first registered with the EPA in 1969 as a pesticide, and yet it is found in thousands of common products that transfer it to the human body. It has been detected in the urine of three-quarters of the American population.

Studies show this toxin can have the following health effects:

  • Endocrine disruption, which can lead to various cancers

  • Allergies

  • Muscle function impairment

  • Thyroid disruption

  • Weight gain

  • Inflammatory responses

For more info on the harmful ingredients in toothpaste, check this Livestrong article.


The Truth About Glycerin

Many believe Glycerin erodes tooth enamel. I do not. Nor does anyone that I find to be a trustworthy source of information. Neither Dr. Mercola or Dr. Axe have anything on their websites warning against the “dangers” of glycerin.

In an article by Mercola entitled Is Your Toothpaste Loaded With Toxins?, Mercola spells out several toxic ingredients to avoid in toothpaste and why, but glycerin is only mentioned in relation to being commonly derived from GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms). He recommends using toothpastes that use organically derived ingredients, including glycerin.

Glycerin Controversy Started With a Rumor

Here’s a quote from Chemical of the Day.

Regarding glycerin in toothpaste: While there are a lot of websites that say that glycerin coats teeth and leads to decay/sensitivity, etc, there is absolutely no research or basis in chemistry or biology to back this up. It all started with a rumor that one dentist running a website started. Glycerin is highly soluble in water, so if it were left on your teeth from a toothpaste, it would easily dissolve in your saliva. Additionally, the surfactants and abrasives present in the toothpaste formula, plus the brushing mechanism would remove any glycerin. Finally, glycerin is its own preservative and bacteria can’t grow in it; if anything glycerin would help protect teeth due to its bacteriostatic action.
— Chemical of the Day

If You Must Use Glycerin-Free Toothpaste

If you are not convinced Glycerin will not erode your tooth enamel, that’s totally your prerogative.

There are two Glycerin-Free toothpastes on the Blissful Miss Natural Toothpaste Guide.


But You Don’t Have to Memorize Lists of Toxic Ingredients 

Blissful Miss has Done the Research for You

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Why You Can Trust This List

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The Environmental Working Group rates products according to their toxicity to the human body. Each Blissful Miss guide begins with products rated safe by EWG. Products are rated 1 through 10, with 1 being the safest.

Reviewed 123.jpg


Products are cross-referenced with human reviewers on Amazon, who have tried them, love them and rated them with a super awesome 4 stars or higher. 

Get super clean, super white and SUPER healthier teeth without adding nasty chemicals to your body. Think fluoride is good for you? Ummm … you’ve been duped. Get the easy reference guide from Blissful Miss.


EWG Verified™ & EWG - 1

1. Redmond Earthpaste Amazingly Natural Toothpaste, Peppermint (2 PACK)

EWG Rating- 1

Peppermint and Cinnamon are the only flavors rated by EWG.

  • Remineralize Tooth Enamel, which results in reduced & even reversed tooth decay (per multiple reviewers).

  • Whitens Teeth.

  • Reduces Tooth Sensitivity better than Sensodyne.

  • Redmond Clay polishes teeth and provides antibacterial action.

  • Tea Tree Oil is an amazing anti-viral and anti-fungal ingredient known to seriously combat periodonatal disease and more.

  • Glycerin Free - This is one of two toothpastes on this list that do not contain glycerin. See more here about how glycerin became a controversial ingredient, yet is found in almost all natural toothpastes.

By in large, reviewers claim all of the above happens when they use Earthpaste. Many say their teeth remineralized enamel naturally, which reduces and even reverses tooth decay. As a side bonus, fresh enamel results in whiter teeth. Sweet! Furthermore, those with even extremely sensitive teeth threw out Sensodyne for the superior results they get with all-natural Earthpaste. 

Review Highlights

  1. Tooth enamel has been remineralized for many reviewers.

  2. One reviewer specifically describes how a compromised tooth was saved when enamel was remineralized around the gum line. Ergo, tooth decay reversed.

  3. Many reviewers happily boast whiter teeth.

  4. Those with formerly very sensitive teeth to hot, cold, acidic foods and even air, are among a large number of reviewers who happily took the natural route over less effective Sensodyne.

2. David's Natural Toothpaste

EWG Verified™  - Most transparent & rigorous EWG evaluation

FLAVOR: Mint - Like none you've ever tasted before, but will be glad you did!

  • Whitens teeth & removes plaque with natural ingredients.

  • Flavored with a unique combination of oils from a variety of mint ... that reviewers think is pretty darn amazing.

  • Smooth & Creamy ... so the opposite of gritty, like some old school natural toothpastes.

  • Comes with a nifty roll-up key.

Review Highlights

  1. Loads of reviewers remark on how noticeably whiter their teeth are within days of use.

  2. After years of weak teeth and lots of cavities, a reviewer skeptically set aside his flouride-filled brand to try this, and 2 months later got the best check up of his life. Less tartar and plaque and his hygienist praised him for flossing, which he hadn't done.

  3. Teeth feel fresher and cleaner than they have in years..

  4. Not grainy, cleans like a champ, tastes great ... and has very cool packaging.

3. Dr. Brite Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste - Mint

EWG Verified™   Most transparent & rigorous EWG evaluation


  • Vitamin C for gum health

  • Antibacterial action of Coconut Oil

  • Whitens teeth with activated charcoal, which is all the rage in the natural health world. (RECOMMENDATION: For whitening purposes, I'd try Redmond Earthpaste first, due to the especially large number of happy, white-toothed reviewers.)

Review Highlights

  1. Doesn't foam up much ... but leaves your teeth feeling super squeaky clean.

  2. A long time tester of natural toothpastes finally found a winner. Leaves mouth nice and fresh feeling, with a minty aftertaste ... but not strong.

  3. One reviewer is super happy with their noticeably whiter teeth.

4. Jack N' Jill Natural Toothpaste

EWG Rating - 1

FLAVORS: Blueberry, Banana, Blackcurrant, Raspberry & Strawberry

  • Jack N' Jill Toothpaste is highly recommended by parents for babies and children

  • Xylitol naturally sweetens AND strengthens teeth ... seriously!

  • Organic Calendula soothes tender gums

  • Fluoride Free, Sugar Free, Color Free, SLS Free, Preservative Free, BPA Free

  • Safety Seal, Easy Open Flip Top Cap

Review Highlights

  1. Kids love this stuff, and parents love that their little ones will happily brush their teeth with it.

  2. Some toddlers like the flavor so much, they suck it right out of the tube.

  3. Which isn't as horrible as you might think, since parents don't have to fear the natural ingredients their child is swallowing.

5. Jason Powersmile Whitening Toothpaste - Peppermint (3 Pack)

EWG Rating - 1

FLAVOR: Peppermint
(the only flavor rated by EWG)

  • Save with this 3 Pack of Jason Powersmile Toothpaste.

  • Blind your friends with your White and Bright smile!

  • Prevent nasty tartar build-up.

  • Fight damaging sugar acids with Grapefruit Seed Extract and Perilla Seed Extracts.

  • Get kissably fresh breath with yummy Peppermint Oil.

  • Completely Vegan

  • No Fluoride, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, Preservatives, Artificial Colors, Artificial Sweeteners, Sacharin, Propylene Glycol, Gluten or Animal Testing.

Review Highlights

  1. A reviewer was actually asked why their teeth were so white!

  2. Another says their teeth look considerably whiter, healthier & shinier. They absolutely love this toothpaste and actually enjoy brushing because of the wonderful refreshing flavor & consistency.

  3. A mom calls this the holy grail of toothpaste and says her family has used it for 10 years. Her daughter doesn’t get mouth sores from it like she does SLS toothpastes. She says this toothpaste has never failed them.

6. Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste

EWG Rating - 1

FLAVOR: Spearmint

  • Jason Sea Fresh packs Detoxifying ingredients for super Strong Teeth & Gums.

  • Neutralize ickey bacteria and sugar acids.

  • Get all Minty Fresh and Clean with Spearmint and Parsley Extracts.

  • No harsh abrasives or chemicals that irritate your teeth, gums and body.

  • No preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, saccharin, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl, or laureth sulfates.

Review Highlights

  1. Lots of folks who have tried many SLS-free brands love Jason’s.

  2. More than one reviewer remarks that they no longer get canker sores formerly caused by SLS. One of them went on vacation and forgot their Jason toothpaste, used Crest for a week and, sure enough, got canker sores.

  3. After finding out the huge conspiracy and false science on fluoride by their doctor, another reviewer immediately tossed out their old crappy toothpaste and tap water. Jason tastes great and won’t kill you, which is all this reviewer cares about in a toothpaste.

  4. Nice and minty with a smooth texture and lots of foam, says another reviewer.

7. Zion Health Claybrite Extra Natural Toothpaste - Natural Mint

EWG Rating - 1

FLAVOR: Fresh Mint

  • No more bleeding gums!

  • Avoid and/or manage existing periodontal disease with Zion Health Claybrite

  • Monmorillonite Clay does wonders to heal, whiten, control cavities and nasty breath. It also absorbs bacteria lurking between your teeth and under your gums.

  • This uber natural toothpaste is like a superhero for your mouth!

Review Highlights

  1. After 3 weeks of use, a with sensitive and bleeding gums says they are a lot better.

  2. A dental hygienist recommended this to a user who loves waking up with no bad taste in their mouth like before. Don’t let the brown color throw you off. It tastes great, makes you’re mouth feel clean, and actually whitens your teeth.

  3. Another reviewer says their teeth never feel as clean with any other toothpaste. The flavor is minty, but not so strong that you feel like your mouth is on fire.

8. Dr. Bronner's All-One Toothpaste - Anise

EWG Rating - 1

(Note Peppermint is EWG 2 & Cinnamon is EWG 3)

  • Dr. Bronner's is famous for their "magic soaps". Now they make toothpaste too!

  • Simply put, it's 70% organic, freshens breath, whitens teeth and reduces plaque.

Review Highlights

  1. Makes teeth whiter instantly according to a reviewer who calls this the best toothpaste ever.

  2. A dental hygienist gives Dr. Bronners raving reviews. She loves the cinnamon flavor and the fact that the ingredients are all natural with no foaming agent.

  3. After 6 months of use, another reviewer’s teeth cleaning appointment went much faster than usual.

EWG Rating - 2

9. Desert Essence Natural Tea Tee Oil & Neem Toothpaste

EWG Rating - 2

FLAVOR: Wintergreen

If this were rated EWG 1, it would be 2nd on the list after Earthpaste. Several reviewers with severe dental problems, including me, rave about the healing properties of Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree & Neem. They report no more bleeding, no need for deep scaling teeth cleanings, tighter gums and more.

  • Dental benefits of Neem, derived by India's "toothbrush tree".

  • Natural antiseptic abilities of Tea Tree Oil.

  • Helps fight plaque naturally.

  • Deep cleans teeth and gums without harsh abrasives.

  • Lots of great reviews on the effectiveness of healing severe dental problems.

Review Highlights

  1. A reviewer with severe dental issues reports an excellent cleaning/pre-periodontal exam. MUCH less staining than usual, no 5mm pockets, no redness, no bleeding, no need for antibiotic powders, no painful sub-gingival scaling or prescription mouthwashes. NICE! When his hygienist saw the toothpaste he’d been using, she said she had recommended Tea Tree Oil for patients in the past with about 50% positive results.

  2. A wife loves the taste & effectiveness. Her husband has been using for 2 years and has not had to have deep scaling since, and his formerly loose teeth are now firm in his gums.

  3. Cleans perfectly, nice taste & no bleeding gums.

10. Hello Fluoride-Free Whitening Toothpaste - Sweet Mint

EWG Rating - 2

FLAVOR: Sweet Mint

NOTE: Only Hello brand Sweet Mint and Watermelon have been rated 2 by EWG. Others are rated 3.

  • Cleans and whitens, removes plaque, freshens breath and tastes awesome.

  • Xylitol, soothing aloe, moisturizing coconut oil and a silica blend that gently polish and brighten teeth.

  • Link is for 4 tubes ... for pretty awesome savings.

Review Highlights

  1. Really good non-fluoridated toothpaste with great flavor and texture.

  2. Took one reviewer a week to get used to Hello, but now he loves it. Teeth are just as white as when he brushed with Colgate’s whitening toothpaste … and when he had to use Colgate recently, it felt like he had poured acid in his mouth.

  3. A 5-year fluoride-free toothpaste user says this is favorite. Makes her mouth feel fresh and clean, just like using regular fluoride toothpaste.

11. Hello Fluoride-Free Toothpaste - Watermelon

EWG Rating - 2

FLAVOR: Watermelon

NOTE: Only Sweet Mint and Watermelon have been rated 2 by EWG. Others are rated 3.

  • Marketed for kids, but loved by adults as well.

  • "Tastes insanely awesome" (quote from Hello company ... backed by reviewers).

  • This company put a lot of thought into every aspect of this all natural, vegan, toothpaste in BPA-free tubes that don't get crinkly.

Review Highlights

  1. A reviewer who doesn’t care for mint bought this for the watermelon flavor. For a kid’s toothpaste, they didn’t expect it to clean as well as it does ... which is AWESOME. Teeth stay cleaner between brushings and sensitivity has disappeared.

  2. By far the best, per one mom. Brushing teeth used to be torture for her 4-year old who now asks to have her teeth brushed.

  3. Kids who complain about "spicy" toothpaste (aka: minty), love this stuff, want to brush their teeth, and mom's love that it's safe and natural.

12. Dr. Bronner's Peppermint All-One Toothpaste

EWG Rating - 2

FLAVOR: Peppermint

  • Same toothpaste as the two Dr. Bronner's on the EWG-1 list, but the Peppermint flavor took this one down a notch to EWG-2.

  • 70% Organic Ingredients.

  • Get Pepperminty Fresh Breath.

  • Whitens Teeth.

  • Reduces Plaque.

Review Highlights

  1. Teeth feel squeaky clean, says one reviewer … even in the morning when they first wake up. Takes a while to get used to the non-foaming, but the peppermint flavor makes up for it.

  2. Another reviewer says teeth are much whiter, breath is fresher and sugar cravings have been cut down.

  3. Touted “best organic toothpaste” from a reviewer who has tried a LOT of them. Tastes good, fresh and does a wonderful job.

13. NOW Xyli-White Toothpaste - Refreshmint 

EWG Rating - 2

FLAVOR: Refreshmint

Get the mad benefits a Xylitol in this 25% Xylitol based toothpaste:

  • Promote, Repair & Remineralize Tooth Enamel

  • Kill Bad Bacteria

  • Promote Good Bacteria

  • Reduce Plaque Formation

  • Reduce Cavities by up to 80%

  • Fight Chronic Inflammation in Gum Tissues

  • Improve Dry Mouth & Bad Breath

Review Highlights

  1. Whitened teeth unbelievably, says one reviewer. They love the friendly bacteria boost for the deterring of bad breath and the germs that cause cavities.

  2. No more bleeding gums for a happy reviewer who actually loves brushing their teeth now. Mouth feels so great after brushing and teeth are whiter than before.

  3. Hands down the best toothpaste for a reviewer who was looking for a fluoride-free toothpaste that killed the enamel eating bacteria … hence Xylitol based. They like the texture and clean feeling of their mouth after brushing.

14. Desert Essence Whitening Plus Toothpaste

EWG Rating - 2

FLAVOR: Cool Mint

  • Get Whiter teeth … as attested by many a reviewer.

  • Stubborn stains from Coffee, Cigarettes, Red Wine, etc ... are banished from a blend of Baking Soda & Bamboo Stem Fiber. (It really works!)

  • Reduce plaque with Sea Salt and Zinc Citrate.

  • Get kissably fresh breath with minty Wintergreen and Australian Tea Tree oils.

Review Highlights

  1. "How do you get your teeth so white?” was the question posed to a stunned reviewer who now smiles more and uses nothing else but Desert Essence Whitening Plus. Best check-up he’s ever had too.

  2. An orange Koolaid & coffee drinker ... with yellow teeth to prove it ... saw an immediate difference after ONE brushing. No more beverage stains. Nice amount of foaming action, tastes great and no muss, no fuss, flip-open lid.

  3. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G … is how a smoking & coffee drinking reviewer describes this toothpaste. And they’ve tried all the whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, and underground trick you could possibly imagine. This one truly whitens.

15. Tea Tree Therapy Toothpaste With Baking Soda

EWG Rating - 2

FLAVOR: Naturally Flavored 

  • The natural antiseptic properties of therapeutic grade Tea Tree Oil controls the bacteria which causes plaque and tartar.

  • Baking Soda Removes Stains & Whitens Teeth.

  • Parsley Seed Oil naturally freshens your Breath.

  • Glycerin Free - This is one of two toothpastes on this list that do not contain glycerin. See more here about how glycerin became a controversial ingredient, yet is found in almost all natural toothpastes.

Review Highlights

  1. Unlike other tea tree oil & baking soda pastes a reviewer has tried with an ickey taste and gritty feeling they left. This one is awesome. Pleasant taste. Mouth feels so fresh afterward.

  2. A long time Sensodyne user, who felt trapped into forever using it for fear of instant pain … made the beautiful and pain-free transition to Tea Tree Therapy. Teeth feel great and thumbs up from their dental hygeinist. Best toothpaste they ever used.

  3. Healed another reviewer's tongue skin tag. Really helps keep teeth & gums feeling clean and breath super fresh.

16. Dr. Collins Natural Toothpaste - Vanilla Mint with Goji Berry

EWG Rating - 2

FLAVOR: Vanilla Mint with Goji Berry

  • Superfruits, Antioxidants, and Vitamins support optimal oral health.

  • Fight Bacteria & Freshen Breath with the natural Antiseptics of Tea tree oil and Magnolia Bark.

  • Get the bomb benefits of Xylitol … 25% concentration, which reduces Cavities, remineralizes tooth enamel and a whole slew of other stuff.

  • Polish & Whiten with the gentle & natural effects of Silica.

Review Highlights

  1. Lots of the reviewers love the flavor of minty vanilla, which is not overpowering at all, and it has decent foaming action.

  2. Does the overall job of cleaning and brightening, remarks a reviewer, who also noticed a reduction in tooth sensitivity.

  3. Canker sores are a thing of the past for many reviewers (as they are for just about anyone switching from a toothpaste containing SLS ... an ingredient not found in any toothpaste on this list.)

17. Tom's of Maine Botanically Bright Toothpaste

EWG Rating - 2

FLAVOR - Peppermint
*Note: Spearmint is rated 3 by EWG

  • No SLS, as found in their other Tom’s of Maine toothpastes.

  • Antiseptic & Antibacterial properties of Bee Propolis & Xylitol

  • Whiten & Remove Surface Stains.

  • Give your mouth a foamy, clean feeling ... Nice!

Review Highlights

  1. One reviewer remarks they haven’t had a mouth ulcer since using this toothpaste. Formerly they couldn’t go a week or two without getting one.

  2. Another reviewer with dermatitis caused by fluoride has been helped tremendously. Their teeth are also less sensitive.

  3. A user who is extremely sensitive to SLS finally found an SLS-free brand that tastes great doesn’t irritate their sensitive mouth and is priced well.

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The safety of products suggested by Blissful Miss is based on the Environmental Working Group rating system. This is not to say that every ingredient in and of itself is considered 100% safe, but combined with several other non-toxic ingredients, that product receives a high rating by EWG. Any product on this list can be researched on the EWG Skin Deep Database for specific details of how each ingredient is rated and what the known concerns are, if any.

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