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You want crazy awesome, flawless skin that makes you positively glow with gorgeousness. (You see? I know!) But you also want to be totally healthy. 
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You don't Want Toxic Foundation

What you put on your skin, seeps INTO your skin … into your blood stream ... and into your organs. Do you really want scary chemicals going into your liver? I think not!

And this is precisely why Blissful Miss is here. It's a total pain in the "you-know-what" to figure out which makeup foundations are not only safe and healthy for your body, but which ones are worth the risk of shelling out your heard earned money to try. 

Right?! I know I’m right.

You Want Foundation that

  • Covers Acne and Scars
  • Hides Dark Spots & Under Eye Circles
  • Freakin' Lasts All Day
  • Makes you Look 10 Years Younger (but you might settle for 5 or so right?!)
  • Makes makes people' eyeballs pop out of their sockets ... "Hey, you look crazy gorgeous. What did you do different? I must know!"

You Don't Want

  • Foundation that is all Cakey and gross
  • Makeup that Settles into your Lines and Wrinkles (not that you have any of those)
  • To spend a zillion hours researching safe brands and a kajillion dollars trying them out

My Gift to You

So thank God you have this most excellent quick and easy reference to the most amazing safe and natural foundations out there. How do I know they’re the best? I’m glad you asked.

Don't compromise your health to be gorgeous! Blissful Miss Natural Product Guides make it easy to find safe products you'll love.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to pull all this information together!! ... It's not uncommon to spend 4-5 hours researching various DBs such as EWG, Mercola and other blogs/websites I trust such as yours."  ~ Dawn T.


How This Natural Foundation List Was Created




The Environmental Working Group rates products according to their toxicity to the human body. Each Blissful Miss guide begins with products rated safe by EWG. Products are rated 1 through 10, with 1 being the safest.


 natural body lotion reviews


Products are cross-referenced with human reviewers on Amazon, who have tried them, love them and rated them with a super awesome 4 stars or higher. 




New for Blissful Miss in 2017, products are checked on Fakespot as well, to ensure that only products with real and honest (not paid for) reviews are recommended here. A Fakespot Grade of "A" is the most trustworthy.

 Find an Awesome Safe & Natural Foundation. This Easy Reference Guide will get you the Flawless look you want without nasty Toxins you don't. Another great resource from Blissful Miss.

EWG Verified™

 EWG Verified Makeup Foundations

First on the list are EWG VERIFIED™ which are products have undergone the highest and most rigorous evaluation, with detailed info submitted by the manufacturer for full transparency. These products are marked with the EWG VERIFIED™ logo.

Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder Foundation

Be rebellious! The annoying signs aging are not the boss of you with this antioxidant packed foundation. White tea, red tea, pomegranate, vitamin C, and vitamin E fight free radical damage for uber healthy skin. Say adios to the appearance of fine lines and get super excellent coverage. What more can a gal ask for?

  • EWG VERIFIED™ - Better than a rating of 1
  • Fakespot Grade A - Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
  • Shades - 12 of 15 rated EWG Verified  
    • Cool 1
    • Cool 2  
    • Cool 3
    • Neutral 1
    • Neutral 2
    • Warm 1
    • Warm 2
    • Olive 1  
    • Olive 2  
    • Olive 3
    • Deep 1  
    • Deep 3 

* All other shades are rated EWG 3, including Olive 4, Deep 2 and Deep 4

Amazon Review Quotes

This is hands down my favorite face makeup. It leaves a flawless even look without looking to made-up. You wind up with perfect looking healthy skin. I've never received so many compliments and been asked so often what I use. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I have been an Bare Minerals user for years and was looking for something a little more natural and I was interested in this brand for that reason. It works just as well, if not better, than Bare Minerals, and the color match is even better on my light neutral skin. You do have to build it up if you want fuller coverage, but I don't mind that. It's worth it to have a very pure formula and I recommend this brand. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I've been on the hunt for a natural foundation for the longest time. I've tried numerous organic and natural brands over the last few years and this is the best coverage and makes my skin feel so soft. Doesn't irritate it or cause me to break out. Love that it's in a compact and not a loose mineral foundation. Great for on the go. Will be purchasing again and again! - VERIFIED PURCHASE

W3LL People Narcissist Foundation + Concealer Stick

Let your skin breathe ... ahhh! This foundation gives skin a chance to heal from blemishes without causing more breakouts. Be all flawless and control shine with this uber light and glorious feeling foundation. Your skin will thank you.

  • EWG VERIFIED™ - Better than a rating of 1
  • Fakespot Grade C  -  Hmmm ... You be the judge of the Amazon reviews
  • Shades  - 8 of 8 rated EWG Verified
    • Pale Ivory
    • Fair Pink
    • Fair Golden
    • Medium Pink
    • Medium Neutral
    • Dark Neutral
    • Dark Golden
    • Rich Mocha

Amazon Review Quotes

I really loved this product. It feels incredible nourishing yet light! Finally! my skin can breathe and doesn't look all shimmery or dry! Very good coverage. I'm thrilled, I even use it as foundation. I tried other "vegan/clean" products and this is by far my preferred. PS: I'm 42, my skin is normal, and I like matte finish. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I am obsessed with W3LL People's Narcissist stick, and W3LL People in general. Their products are so pure, that the more you use them, the less you have to. Bear with me, I know that sounds strange. But because the products are free from synthetics, parabens, and other allergens, my skin doesn't freak out and it can breathe, which means less breakout that need coverage. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
This is the most convenient thing to carry in your purse for easy touch-ups. It used to be my everyday foundation but as my skin has cleared, I can use something a little more transparent. I have the brush that W3LL people recommends using with it but it's easily applied just with the stick and using your fingers to blend a little bit. It doesn't look cakey over other makeup if you use it mid day to refresh. - VERIFIED PURCHASE

EWG 2 - Foundations

Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation

"Hello, Gorgeous!" That's what they'll say when your face is all aglow with this light reflecting foundation. If you like sheer to medium coverage and don't mind compliments from total strangers (see first review!), this is the foundation for you. Castor See Oil soothes, Vitamin E protects and heals, while Beeswax provides bacterial protection.

  • EWG Rating - 2
  • Fakespot Grade - A  Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
  • Shades 
    • No shades are specified on EWG. A rating of 2 is given for the product in general.

Amazon Review Quotes

This is the best foundation I've ever worn. When you put it on, it looks like your skin. Even with a closeup mirror, you can't see the makeup once it's blended. On at least three occasions in the last two years, I've had strangers compliment me on my skin when I was wearing the foundation. This had never happened before. Unlike other foundations, I've found that over the day, it looks better and better. It's the first foundation I've worn that doesn't look flaky or get discolored as the day goes on. When I take it off at night, my skin feels better than if I'd not used it at all. Hydrated, I guess. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I have tried more foundations that I could ever count over the years and FINALLY this product is one that does everything I needed it to do. This foundation goes on very light but covers well and although somewhat pricey lasts for a long time because you only need a little amount. The thing I liked the best about this product is the beautiful Natural glow it gives your skin. I would definitely recommend this product it's worth every penny. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
Really like this foundation. At first when I saw it I thought "how could this work with all those little beads inside?"....but it did. It covers beautifully; looks natural and has SPF for sun protection. It lasts all day, has a nice natural scent and is not greasy. - VERIFIED PURCHASE

Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation

If you need serious coverage, you'll freak over this foundation. No matter how severe your skin discoloration, Dermablend has got you covered. (Pun totally intended!) Under eye circles, acne, ... even tattoos. You'll look like a porcelain doll without being all cakey.

  • EWG Rating - 2
  • Fakespot Grade - A  Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
  • Shades - 5 of 10 shades rated EWG 2  
    • Bisque
    • Chestnut
    • Linen
    • Sepia
    • Sienna

* Other shades have no EWG rating. Use at your own risk.

Amazon Review Quotes

Hands down best foundation ever, every single person I come into contact with that learns I use it ends up buying it because it makes me look like a porcelain doll without looking cakey. In particular it cover nicely and is buildable ... I have good skin by most all peoples standards ... however I do have sunken sockets with a pretty severe discoloration in my undereye area that was impossible to cover until I started using dermablend ... I am a model and actress and have to do my own makeup 98% of the time and everyone always thinks I am bare faced when I do my natural looks. which is great. I have also turned on a lot of makeup artists to it because I bring it for them to use on me at shoots since my skin is also fairly sensitive. See before and after pics on Amazon. First review. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
My favorite makeup- I'll never use anything else. It covers every flaw and stays on all day. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
This is a heavy duty foundation meant to cover acne, birthmarks, and tattoos. It definitely does the job! I usually have great skin, but I bought this for when I have a occasional bad breakout and it works great! This is definitely a full coverage foundation. - VERIFIED PURCHASE

Maybelline Fit Me! Shine Free Foundation

Want to contour??? Use this nifty foundation stick for a sheer to full coverage foundation ... OR ... as a contouring stick. Lots of reviewers say it's the best they've tried for contouring. Reviewers also love it as an awesome foundation. So ... whatever floats your boat! It's creamy, soft, blends, and covers a little to a lot, depending on how much you need.

  • EWG Rating - 2
  • Fakespot Grade - B  Pretty darn trustworthy Amazon reviews
  • Shades - 6 of 12 rated EWG 2  
    • Classic Ivory
    • Creamy Natural
    • Natural Beige
    • Porcelain Ivory
    • Sandy Beige

*Other shades have no EWG rating. Use at your own risk.

Amazon Review Quotes

I like a more casual look...finished but not too "made up". This is great! Can be put on for a sheer look or built up and doesn't get cakey or rest unattractively on dry skin. Evens out tone beautifully. Also ideal for travel. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I actually bought this a few shades darker to use for contouring and it works PERFECT for that! The width of the stick is perfect for the areas you will need to apply to contour. The texture is very creamy and soft and blends beautifully with my blending sponges. Absolutely love this product. I can tell it will work well too for it's intended purpose as a foundation. I just love it - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I have very oily skin, visible pores, and dark spots from acne. This foundation blends very easily with a brush or my fingers, and gives natural-looking medium coverage. It does not accentuate my pores like liquid foundations often do, or aggravate my acne. I'm on my 4th stick! - VERIFIED PURCHASE

Gabriel Cosmetics Dual Powder Foundation

Get foundation and powder in one with this velvety plant-based formula. Super soft and super amazing for a super you! Apply it with a dry sponge for a matte finish or with a damp sponge for a sheer, fresh look. Oh! And it has sunscreen in it too. Sweet!

  • EWG Rating - 2
  • Fakespot Grade - B  Pretty darn trustworthy Amazon reviews
  • Shades
    • No shades are specified on EWG. A rating of 2 is given for the product in general.

Amazon Review Quotes

I love this foundation/powder combo! It went on so easily, no mess, and it lasts all day. I'm so glad to have have finally found a good, natural product that works so well. The first day I wore it, I saw my oldest daughter and she immediately said, "Did you get new make-up? You're face looks great!" I'll definitely be buying this product again! :) - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I love this powder! ... The powder is by the THE BEST over anything you can buy through Nordstrom or Macys!! I'm a makeup snob and trust me, you can't beat this and especially with the amazing natural ingredients. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I have been using this particular brand compact for about a year now ... I noticed the difference immediately when I felt the powder with my fingers! It is so soft and silky and feels great on my skin! And I only use a light dusting after I apply my moisturizer, so it lasts me at least 6 months! I chose it because it is gluten-free, and free of other nasty chemicals and such. It also has a small amount of titanium dioxide in it, which should help protect against sun damage. I love it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a more natural, chemical free, good quality compact. - VERIFIED PURCHASE

ZuZu Luxe Dual Powder Foundation

This foundation and powder-in-one will cover you a little or a lot. Your choice. Try applying it dry or with a moist sponge for adjustable coverage, and be all flawless and amazing and stuff! This vegan formula is great for all skin types and even includes SPF 8 for sun protection. Yay!

  • EWG Rating - 2
  • Fakespot Grade - B  Pretty darn trustworthy Amazon reviews
  • Shades
    • No shades are specified on EWG. A rating of 2 is given for the product in general.

Amazon Review Quotes

Have been looking for a gluten free powder foundation similar to MAC, for over a year... Here it is! I heard about this product several times from various vegan beauty bloggers on YouTube. I was nervous because ... my skin can be difficult to match with the color. I went to the venders website and figured out the exact shade, and purchased it from Amazon.. cheaper and faster shipping with Prime! ... It leaves a very natural and soft appearance. It doesn't look heavy or caked on. But the coverage is buildable which I prefer. I haven't had any skin issues with this product. Very happy ;) - VERIFIED PURCHASE
Switched from mac to this when my skin became super sensitive to chemicals in normal make up. The coverage is great. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I love this powder! It's lasted me about 5 months and I use it every day ... I apply it once in the morning with a kabuki brush before work and I'm good for the rest of the day (I need a little more after work because my tzone starts getting a little oily). My mom is constantly telling me how beautiful my complexion is and it's because of this powder. It smooths out my skin and makes it look flawless ... I'll be a lifelong repeat buyer of this powder. It's fantastic!!! - VERIFIED PURCHASE

EWG 1 & 2 Foundations Containing "Aluminum Hydroxide"

These are foundations with a safe rating by EWG, but contain Aluminum Hydroxide.

 Aluminum is a naturally derived, but controversial ingredient believed by many to be linked to neurological disorders, such as Alzheimers, ADHD & Parkinsons, while others believe it has not been proven to cause any health concerns.

Use your own discretion in choosing one of these foundations.

Vichy Laboratoires Dermafinish Corrective Fluid Foundation

Protect your skin from the sun with SPF 30, while looking all kinds of gorgeous. Furthermore, this long lasting foundation will get you twice the coverage so you can be all kinds of gorgeous for TWICE as long! Yessss!

* Contains Aluminum Hydroxide

  • EWG Rating - 1  Smokin' good safety rating
  • Fakespot Grade - B   Pretty darn trustworthy Amazon reviews
  • Shades - 3 of 4 rated EWG 1  
    • Opal 15
    • Nude 25
    • Sand 35

* Gold 45 has no EWG rating. Use at your own risk.

Amazon Review Quotes

UGHHHH this is amazing!! For once since having acne scars... I do not have to use a darn concealer! People who reviewed this and said the coverage wasn't good, um... Yeah, you're either crazy, or you got a bad batch. Because I have ridiculous acne scars and naturally very rosy skin, and this covers everything like magic. It's a blessing for anyone with veryyyy problematic skin :') The weird thing about this foundation also, is how natural it looks! It's crazy, because once you start blending it, it starts to literally melt into your skin like water or butter or something, so it gets very thin in consistency, causing it to not look thick at ALL on your skin... And yet, the pigmentation is crazy amazing. Also, this hasn't irritated my skin at all. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
This is a great product. I have cystic acne scars and very uneven skin. I am 45 and oily. This covers beautifully. It stays on ALL day. I usually break out with new products but I did not with this. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
Other foundations talk about being "full coverage." Well, they're lying. This foundation is by far, THE BEST that I've ever used! It covers dark circles (the bluish kind), random veins just from being so pale, and those pink dots from popping the occasional pimple even though I know I'm not supposed to. Haha. - VERIFIED PURCHASE

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

Well, considering the bomb price, reviewers are pleasantly surprised at the results of this foundation. Formulated for normal skin, you'll get an airbrushed look that lasts 16 hours (not sure what happens after that. You turn into a pumpkin?!)

  • EWG Rating - 2
  • Fakespot Grade - B  Pretty darn trustworthy Amazon reviews
  • Shades - 8 of 12 shades rated EWG 2  
    • Classic Ivory
    • Cocoa
    • Natural Beige
    • Nude
    • Nude Beige
    • Porcelain Ivory
    • Pure Beige
    • Sandy Beige

* Other shades have no EWG rating. Use at your own risk.

Amazon Review Quotes

I love this foundation! I was on the verge of buying a more expensive foundation that promised an 'airbrush finish' when I saw this one recommended on a review site. I checked the amazon reviews and was surprised at the number of positive reviews this got at such a low price. I decided to give it a go and was so glad I did! The foundation is the perfect color, goes on super light and does give the airbrush finish it promises. It also doesn't dry out my skin, cake or wear off during the day. All in all I am delighted with this foundation, I think I have found 'the one'! - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I LOVE this foundation and it's a great price of less than $8 on Amazon. It provides full coverage and helps with hiding redness. It does all this while not feeling heavy or like you've caked on make up. Highly recommend. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I loveeee this foundation. I've used it for years, and any other foundation I've tried hasn't come close. The coverage is great. I have acne here and there and some acne scars, and this does a pretty great job at covering it up. The finish is perfect, and it stays put through the day. I always have trouble finding the lightest shade in stores near me, so I'm really happy Amazon carries it. The price is less than stores near me as well. - VERIFIED PURCHASE

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation

Be the youngest version of your beautiful self with this youthful foundation. (See reviews!) Doesn't settle into creases. Pumps up your skin's hydration with whipped moisturizing cream. Be flawless and natural with a smooooth finish, baby!

* Contains Aluminum Hydroxide

  • EWG Rating - 2
  • Fakespot Grade - A  Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
  • Shades - 5 of 10 rated EWG 2  
    • Classic Ivory
    • Creamy Natural
    • Natural Beige
    • Pure Beige
    • Nude Beige

* Other shades have no rating. Use at your own risk.

Amazon Review Quotes

I don't remember the last time I received so many compliments about having "flawless skin". VERIFIED PURCHASE
I really like this foundation and the way that it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth ... I play tennis and airsoft outdoors in the blazing sun and I never have any problems with my makeup running or rubbing off on my mask or on clothes during gameplay and I sweat a ton throughout ... I would recommend this to anyone wanting a foundation leaving you looking flawless, while being very active. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I used mineral powder for years, but at age 50 the mineral powder was too dry and was not so flattering to my more wrinkled skin. This product goes on so smooth and it feels moisturizing...it does not settle in my wrinkles, but I do have to use a face powder over it to tone down the shine. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
This is my go to foundation. I'm not as young as I once was, but this foundation gives me such a youthful appearance that people often think I'm 15+ years younger than I am! - VERIFIED PURCHASE

Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation

Get your youthful gorgeous on without emptying your bank account. This foundation sits lightly on your skin while erasing fine lines, dark circles and acne scars. Great for normal to combination skin. 

* Contains Aluminum Hydroxide

  • EWG Rating - 2
  • Fakespot Grade - A  Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
  • Shades - ONLY 3 of 12 rated EWG 2  
    • Classic Ivory
    • Coconut
    • Warm Porcelain

*Other shades have no EWG rating. Use at your own risk.

Amazon Review Quotes

This is the best drug store foundation I have ever tried! It works even better than the high end products I normally buy. I saw a video on youtube and how well it worked for the woman so I decided to give it a try. It's amazing! It doesn't clog my pores or create break outs either! - VERIFIED PURCHASE
Dream Velvet is the best foundation for my skin that I've found in years. It's far superior to products that cost multiples of the price of this supremely inexpensive and wonderful cosmetic. It has a unique consistency that creates a flawless appearance without looking like spackling compound on one's face - it fills in rough skin features like acne scars and large pores but sits on the skin lightly, not heavily ... the tube yields an amazing number of applications - partly because it takes only a tiny amount of product for perfect coverage but also because the package design allows one to extract every last little bit. I really cannot convey how impressed and pleased I am with this wonderful cosmetic. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
Just received mine yesterday, tried it out and am impressed. I'm 56 yrs old - normal skin with pink undertone ... It went on very easily with no pilling (those nasty little balls) and dried quickly. My skin looks smooth and the fine lines were erased including my under eyes which are my biggest issue (i.e. bags and dark circles). I noticed how much younger my eyes looked which is an added bonus. This lasted all day without reapplication. Even my Lancome foundation doesn't do that and for a third of the cost, this will be a keeper for me. - VERIFIED PURCHASE

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation

Let your natural beautiful-ness shine through with this light "Am I even wearing foundation?" foundation. Get the coverage you want with a silky smooth finish. (For a crazy awesome value.)

* Contains Aluminum Hydroxide

  • EWG Rating - 2
  • Fakespot Grade - B  Pretty darn trustworthy Amazon reviews
  • Shades - 6 of 12 rated EWG 2  Listed below. Others have no rating. Use at your own risk.
    • Classic Ivory
    • Coconut
    • Creamy Natural
    • Natural Beige
    • Porcelain Ivory
    • Sandy Beige

*Other shades have no EWG rating. Use at your own risk.

Amazon Review Quotes  

This foundation goes on smooth and covers my 55 year old age spots pretty well. Best part is, it doesn't feel like I'm wearing makeup. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I just love this foundation ... I have some sun spots so I like the coverage it gives me ... It applies like a silky powder. It's a great product and you can't beat the price. I think it outperforms most high priced department store expensive lines of foundations. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT!! It applies so smoothly to the skin and it feels like I'm not even wearing foundation. If you are a lover of a weightless foundations and like a "natural look", this is the perfect product. I cant seem to find it in any drugstores now a days, so I will definitely repurchase this product on Amazon. - VERIFIED PURCHASE

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer

This stuff is all the rage on Youtube and Facebook. Don't let the killer value throw you. This super creamy, hydrating foundation covers whatever ails you without creasing, flaking or wearing off. 

* Contains Aluminum Hydroxide

  • EWG Rating - 2
  • Fakespot Grade - A  Super trustworthy Amazon reviews
  • Shades - 2 of 13 rated EWG 2  
    • Creamy Vanilla
    • Light Beige

* Others shades have no EWG rating. Use at your own risk.

Amazon Review Quotes

I saw Tati from glam life guru raving about this product so I ordered it here, and it is literally the best drugstore foundation I have ever used. It's extremely creamy, hydrating with amazing coverage. It's very blendable and lasts for a very long period of time. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
Love this product! Long lasting, light, great coverage, doesn't crease flake or crack. I use it with a settling powder over and blush and it never looks like I have too much make up on! I have acne scarring and blemishes and the make up does a great job of covering that without being too heavy. - VERIFIED PURCHASE
I love this foundation so much. It is perfect and really flexible. Covers my horrible but fading acne scars and makes my face still look unbelievably natural. Sometimes I can just wear this instead of concealer and the whole charade. - VERIFIED PURCHASE

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EWG Is Doctor Recommended

Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola both recommend The Environmental Working Group as a great resource for finding safe products. And they're doctors and all. 

So discover your bliss with safe and totally bomb products, live well, and be fabulous!  


The safety of products suggested by Blissful Miss is based on the Environmental Working Group rating system. This is not to say that every ingredient in and of itself is considered 100% safe, but combined with several other non-toxic ingredients, that product receives a high rating by EWG. Any product on this list can be researched on the EWG Skin Deep Database for specific details of how each ingredient is rated and what the known concerns are, if any.

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