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Toxic ingredients in beauty products have been linked to Hundreds of Health Complications and Disease

How This List Was Researched

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The Environmental Working Group rates products according to their toxicity to the human body. Each Blissful Miss guide begins with products rated safe by EWG. Products are rated 1 through 10, with 1 being the safest.

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Products are cross-referenced with human reviewers on Amazon, who have tried them, love them and rated them with a super awesome rating. 

Best natural body lotion for dry skin - Best natural body lotion for eczema - Best natural body lotion for psoriasis - Best natural body lotion for sunburn - best natural body lotion for skin irritation - Best natural body lotion for sensitive skin - Best natural body lotion for rough skin - Best natural body lotion for itchy skin - Best natural unscented body lotion - Best natural body lotion that is fragrance free - Best doctor recommended body lotion - best smelling natural body lotion.

 EWG- 1

Andalou Naturals Body Lotion

EWG Rating - 1
4 Scents
Soothe & Soften

This popular body lotion will Nourish, Soothe & Soften your Dry Skin with Cocoa Butter, Argan and Sunflower Oils for results you can actually see. Engergize, Cool, Refresh or Vitalize … depending on the scent you choose. Apparently, it’s a miracle in a tube!


  1. ENERGIZE - Clementine Ginger Energizing EWG - 1

  2. COOL - Aloe Mint Cooling EWG-1

  3. REFRESH - Lavender Thyme Refreshing EWG - 1

  4. VITALIZE - Mandarin Vanilla Vitalizing EWG - 2

Review Highlights

  • A "miracle in a tube" for a reviewer who had incurable dry, flaking skin all over her body. But not anymore.

  • Smells great and soaks in well.

  • Aloe Mint Cooling actually does "cool" your skin

Nurture My Body Hand & Body Lotion

EWG Rating - 1
Soothe & Moisturize Dry, Itchy, Sensitive Skin

Deeply nourish Dry, Itchy Skin and soothe Sensitive Skin with 100% organic “ingredients with integrity". Super-hydrating Avocado & Jojoba Oils blend with Chamomile to Rejuvenate your skin’s texture. Use it every day on Sensitive or Normal skin.

Review Highlights

  • Sensitive skin folk agree, this unscented lotion moisturizes without irritation. Ahhhhh!!!

  • A reviewer with severely dry, cracking skin saw huge improvement in just one day. Upon first use, she fell in love with the soothing effects on her “painfully inflamed, diseased looking" hands.

  • Soaks right in with no greasy feel, and a little goes a long way.

All Good Body Lotion

EWG Rating - 1
Coconut, Lavender or Lemongrass
Softens & Absorbs for Silky Hydrated Skin

Repair your dry skin for a youthful glow with this smooth and creamy lotion. Calendula, Rose Hip Oil and Cocoa Butter soothe and moisturize even chronically dry skin.

3 Scents

Click on any scent to see on Amazon

  1. Coconut

  2. Lavender

  3. Lemongrass

Review Highlights

  • Works wonders on chronically dry skin, lasts all day, and isn’t greasy.

  • Coconut scent is pleasant and not overwhelming.

  • Lavender scent is more like “real lavender” than other lavender scented lotions (probably because there's “actual lavender essential oil” in there!)

  • Lemongrass is fresh & light with just enough “pick me up” for early mornings.

Cleure Natural Body Lotion Dry Skin Relief

EWG Rating - 1
Dry Skin Relief

Fragrance-Free Cleure is great for Super Dry Skin. 100% pure Shea Butter Soothes Dry Skin & Razor Irritation. (Shea butter is also known as a natural sunscreen). Sensitive-skin people adore this stuff, including a nurse who has to wash her very dry hands ALL … THE … TIME. Another hyper sensitive reviewer uses this on her face will killer results.

Review Highlights

  • Cleure Body Lotion is . . . "A Miracle"

  • A nurse who struggles with very dry hands and sensitive skin says this product is AMAZING. Soothes and never stings (unlike other lotions that burn and itch).

  • Another reviewer, who is hyper-sensitive to facial moisturizers, uses this on her face. She can't begin to describe how beautiful and soft her complexion has become.


Herbal Choice Mari Tinted Face & Body Lotion SPF 30 

EWG Rating - 1
3 Shades
Tinted lotion with SPF 30

This 3-in-1 lotion will moisturize your skin, protect it from the sun AND give it a Sun-Kissed Glow. Whoa!!!


Click any tint to see on Amazon.

  1. Light Ivory

  2. Medium Beige

  3. Dark Honey

Review Highlights

  • Works great as a sunblock with a slight tint, which evens out "imperfections".

  • Super great for a rosacea sufferer who finally found a product that doesn't irritate her sensitive skin. It goes on nice & easy, which is totally prefect, since the last thing she wants to do is rub her sensitive skin.

  • Covers completely and the light tint prevents any potential white SPF residue.

EWG - 2


Puracy Organics Hand & Body Lotion 

EWG Rating - 2
Lightweight Formula
Excellent for Extra Dry Skin

This fragrance-free lotion will give you noticeably softer hands with a lightweight & non-greasy formula, so you can turn doorknobs and all ... always a plus. Enriched with Vitamin E and Organic Shea Butter. Puracy is a favorite for reviewers with super-duper dry skin.

Review Highlights

  • Nearly 1,500 devoted reviewers truly love this stuff. Many remark on the “not too thick, not too thin” texture of this lotion, that it absorbs nicely and feels wonderful.

  • So “perfect it’s crazy” for a user whose hands get "shredded & cracked" every winter.

  • A Psoriasis & Eczema sufferer will never use another lotion again. This helps prevent itch & soothes like nothing else.

Eucerin In-Shower Body Lotion

EWG Rating - 2
In-Shower Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Eucerin takes body lotion into the shower with this unique body lotion. Wash your body, rinse, and then apply moisturizer before you ever leave the shower. Moisturizes even the driest of dry skin and stays with you all day. Enriched with Vitamin B5, dermatologist recommended and reviewer approved.

Review Highlights

  • A Eucerin loving reviewer says this is the the best in-shower moisturizer. It’s the only product that COMPLETELY takes away that itchy dry skin.

  • This truly keeps an eczema sufferer's dry skin under control, with no more out of control rashes. They use it every time they shower.

  • This in-shower lotion has been fantastic for an extremely dry skinned reviewer. With other lotions, no matter how much they added, their skin remained dry … until they happened upon this life saver.

Beauty Without Cruelty Fragrance Free Hand & Body Lotion

EWG Rating - 2
Great Every Day, Year Round, Total Body Lotion

BWC is the perfect all-over body treatment. Give your dry skin a refreshing drink of moisture with Shea Butter, Kukui Nut & Jojoba Oils. Soothe, soften, replenish, moisturize and protect your beautiful skin with this 100% Vegan and pH balanced formula. 

Review Highlights

  • BWC loving reviewers tend to keep bottles of this lotion in multiple locations …kitchen sink, bathroom, bedroom and in the car. They love how well it absorbs and moisturizes.

  • The most dramatic result for one reviewer was on her dry, cracked heels. A pumice stone in the shower followed by BWC lotion gave her soft, sandals-worthy feet!

  • Another reviewer discovered the joys of using this product on her sensitive, acne-prone face. No more redness and dry patchy skin for her.

Desert Essence Organics Pure Hand & Body Lotion Unscented

EWG Rating - 2
Deeply Nourish, Heal, Renew & Repair with Organic Ingredients

Deep nourishment with organic ingredients for super soft, silky skin. The antioxidant effects of Green Tea protects & heals. Jojoba Oil moisturizes and renews dry and tuckered skin, while Sunflower Oil repairs damage from environmental junk.

Review Highlights

  • An eczema sufferer feels soothing relief within a matter of minutes when she applies this.

  • A "fragrance-sensitive" reviewer uses it on ALL her skin, including her face.

  • While unscented, there is a naturally derived fresh scent from the organic ingredients that is not overpowering.

  • A very dense & emollient lotion that keeps skin hydrated all day long.

EO Botanical Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion

EWG Rating - 2
Grapefruit & Mint

Created to absorb quickly and deliver the healing and hydrating benefits of botanical extracts. No greasy residue. Just silky-soft and healthy skin. Pure essential oils nurture skin and lift your mood.

  1. French Lavender - “Be Relaxed”

  2. Grapefruit & Mint - “Be Awake”

  3. *Coconut, Vanilla & Tangerine - “Be Dreamy”

  4. *Rose & Chamomile - “Be Lovely”

*These 2 scents are not specifically rated on EWG, but the only difference in the ingredient list are the essential oils used.

Review Highlights

  • A reviewer with an incredibly “severe skin condition” calls EO “amazing”. It healed her bleeding, infected skin like nothing else, including prescription cortisone. She is a customer forever.

  • A breast cancer survivor swears by EO body lotion, which doesn’t irritate the sensitive and delicate skin on her chest like other lotions do.

  • Users of the French lavender are in love with the “not fake” smelling scent like other brands, since it’s made with pure lavender essential oils.

Shea Moisture Body Butter - Coconut & Hibiscus

EWG Rating - 2
Coconut & Hibiscus
Firm, Brighten & Even Out Skin Tone

Get Firmer, brighter, more youthful skin with Organic Shae Butter, Coconut Oil and sweet Hibiscus. This delicious smelling body butter not only brings your youth back, but has healing properties that I can attest to. What I thought were multiplying bug bites, was actually a skin reaction to the new climate conditions I had moved to. Shea Moisture brought much needed relief and healing from my itchy-raised bumps. Ahhhh!!!

Review Highlights

  1. A psoriasis sufferer says this body butter has rid her elbows of white scales and truly smoothed out her skin.

  2. The soft cent is absolutely wonderful, clean and nice.

  3. Prevents skin from looking all ashy.

SheaMoisture Body Butter - Argan Oil & Raw Shea Butter

EWG Rating - 2
Frankincense & Myrrh
Anti-Aging & Softening

Massage this thick & luxurious butter all over your body to soften, soothe and repair for beautiful skin. Nourish and revitalize dull looking skin for a more youthful you. The frankincense & myrrh infused scent is described by reviewers as "beautiful & mystical" … “lovely & light” … “warm & sweet” …  “subtle & neutral” … “clean”.

Review Highlights

  1. Great for those with sensitivity to smells

  2. A reviewer who has to stay moisturized to ward of eczema has been through many lotions that are too greasy, don’t absorb well or don’t smell good. She LOVES how well this one absorbs, moisturizes well, leaves her skin soft and smooth … and smells wonderful.

  3. Luxurious feel. Helps dry skin. A little goes a long way. Doesn’t bother sensitive skin.

  4. Great on sunburns, moisturizes, calms the tightness & itching and isn’t sticky like aloe vera gel.

SheaMoisture Body Butter - Lavender & Wild Orchid

EWG Rating - 2
Lavender & Wild Orchid
Hydrating & Calming

Smooth this healing blend of Organic Shea Butter, Lavender and Wild Orchid into your skin to treat and hydrate. Relax with the calming effects of lavender, which also soothes minor skin irritations. As with all the SheaMoisture body butters, people LOVE the scent of this one … which is described as “fresh & lovely” and “light & delicate".

Review Highlights

  1. This lotion makes you feel like you are at a spa, super thick, super creamy and luxurious … relaxing and aromatic.

  2. A reviewer with a sun allergy that leaves her elbows red and itchy finally found something that smells amazing and keeps her skin clear and itch-free

  3. More of a body butter than a lotion. Super hydrating and absorbs well.

SheaMoisture Body Butter - Olive & Green Tea

EWG Rating - 2
Lavender & Wild Orchid
Anti-Aging & Ultra-Moisturizing

Get super hydration while preventing sings of aging with this nutrient-rich formula. Thick, smooth and luxurious with Organic Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Green Tea Extract and Avocado for all kinds of skin loving goodness. This much adored scent is described as “wonderfully fresh” ... "light & refreshing ... "crisp & clean” and "gender neutral”.

Review Highlights

  1. Goes on well, absorbs completely and leaves skin feeling soft but not greasy.

  2. A reviewer who absolutely loves this body butter says it has a light smell and hydration lasts all day.

  3. Skin feels unbelievably soft. Will never go back to any other brand.

Burt's Bees Body Lotion Shea Butter & Vitamin E

EWG Rating - 2
24 Hour Silky Smooth Moisture

Get the hydrating and healing wonders of Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Natural Botanicals. This fragrance-free lotion will keep your skin hydrated and silky smooth for up to 24 Hours … per actual tests and at least one reviewer totally vouches.

Review Highlights

  1. Truly does last up to 24 hours ... even on very, very dry skin.

  2. No odor, not oily, awesome price.

  3. An eczema sufferer says this by far beats anything else she's tried.

Eucerin Skin Calming Body Lotion, Fragrance Free

EWG Rating - 2
Calm Dry Itchy Skin

Calm, soothe and comfort dry, itchy skin issues. This thin creamy formula soaks in nicely and doesn’t feel all thick and heavy on hot summer days. Dermatologist recommended.

Review Highlights

  1. A mother has been using this product for herself ever since it was recommended to use it on her baby’s skin issues. She loves how moisturizing it is.

  2. A reviewer with "severe diabetic dry, itchy skin” highly recommends.

  3. The thin formula is a plus for a reviewer who uses this as her go-to summertime lotion.

Mineral Fusion Body Lotion - Unscented

EWG Rating - 2
Revitalizing minerals promote healthy, radiant skin

Get smoother, more youthful skin with unscented Mineral Fusion. Infused with awesome Minerals like Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Iron, all of which provide natural antioxidant protection, while Cocoa Butter soothes and heals.

Review Highlights

  1. Quickly heals the burning & itching rash one user gets from sun allergy.

  2. An affordably priced miracle for dry, sensitive skin. Doesn't irritate skin and eyes and soaks in quickly.

  3. Another reviewer uses it to keep skim firm during weight loss.

  4. Not greasy at all.

derma e Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Body Lotion, Fragrance Free

EWG Rating - 2
Super Healing & Ultra Moisturing for Severely Dry Skin

Doctor formulated Derma E is a “Super-Healing Lotion” for those with skin issues. Vitamin E Intense hydration and healing for severely dry, cracked, bleeding skin. It even fades scars and stretch marks.

Review highlights

  1. A mother says this is one of the few lotions on the planet that does not irritate her eczema suffering child’s severely dry and sensitive skin.

  2. Healed stretch marks and scars for another reviewer.

  3. A woman with hands that crack and bleed loves this lotion.

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More Resources for Toxic Skin Care Info

For more information on toxic ingredients in beauty products, check out Global Healing Center's 19 Chemicals to Avoid in Skin care by Dr. Edward Group.

EWG Is Doctor Recommended

Dr. OzDr. Axe and Dr. Mercola all recommend The Environmental Working Group as a great resource for finding safe products like your new favorite body lotion. And they're doctors and all!


The safety of products suggested by Blissful Miss is based on the Environmental Working Group rating system. This is not to say that every ingredient in and of itself is considered 100% safe, but combined with several other non-toxic ingredients that product receives a high rating by EWG. Any product on this list can be researched on the EWG Skin Deep Database for specific details of how each ingredient is rated and what the known concerns are, if any.

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